Customer relations

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What are the customer relations professions? And what impact will the ecological and social transition have on these professions?

Customer relations professions are essential to ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining good business relations. Professionals in this field, such as after-sales service specialists, customer service managers and customer success managers, are responsible for assisting customers, answering their questions, solving problems and guaranteeing a positive experience.

In the context of the ecological and social transition, customer relations professions are evolving to integrate sustainable and social aspects into their practices. Companies are adopting sustainability-focused strategies by proposing environmentally-friendly solutions to their customers. For example, product recycling or reuse programs are being set up to minimize waste and encourage responsible behavior.

What's more, the customer relations professions are also moving towards a more empathetic and human approach. Professionals in this field are trained to take account of customers' needs and values, emphasizing active listening, respectful communication and ethical problem-solving. For example, companies are implementing inclusion and diversity policies to ensure equitable customer representation and foster an inclusive environment.

Technological advances are also playing a major role in the evolution of customer relations professions. Chatbots and artificial intelligence-based customer relationship management systems are increasingly used to automate responses and provide round-the-clock support. This enables professionals to focus on more complex tasks and offer personalized service to customers.

In short, customer relations professions are evolving towards a sustainable and social approach, integrating environmentally-friendly practices and favoring empathetic and inclusive communication. These developments enable professionals to meet customers' expectations in terms of sustainability and social responsibility, helping to build strong customer relationships and long-term customer loyalty.

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