shop manager: job, tasks and salary

Roles and tasks of the shop manager

The Store Manager is a key position in any business, from the smallest independent shop to the largest retailer. The Store Manager is responsible for managing all aspects of shop operations, including staff, stock, organisation and profitability. The main roles and tasks of the Store Manager are as follows:

Staff recruitment and management - the Store Manager is responsible for the recruitment, training and management of staff members.

Stock planning - the Store Manager is responsible for stock planning, selecting and purchasing new products and monitoring stock levels.

Sales and customer service - the Store Manager is responsible for promoting products in shop, ensuring customer satisfaction and managing complaints.

Financial Management - the Store Manager is responsible for managing the shop's finances, including expenses, revenues and profits.

Shop Management - the Store Manager is responsible for the management and organisation of the shop, including shop maintenance and compliance.

Risk management - the Store Manager is responsible for risk management, including accidents, theft and loss.

Shop managers' salaries and career development

According to the Dares survey, the median gross annual salary of a shop manager in 2017 was €30,478. This salary varies widely depending on professional experience and sector of activity. Gross annual salary trends for a shop manager in France based on years of experience are as follows:

0 to 2 years: €24,502

2 to 5 years: €29,771

5 to 10 years: €34,003

10 to 15 years: €36,531

More than 15 years: €42,761

There are a number of career paths open to shop managers. Here are 5 possible careers:

Shop manager

Department manager

Logistics manager

Product manager

Marketing and communications manager.

Advantages and disadvantages of being a shop manager


Increased income and profits.

Opportunity to deal with several aspects and participate in a variety of projects.

Continuous learning and training.

Good job prospects and opportunities.

Wide network of professional contacts.


Irregular and sometimes stressful working hours.

Accountability for shop performance.

Physical and often time-consuming work.

Great pressure to meet targets and quotas.

Lack of support and resources, including staff and budget.

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