merchandising project manager: job, tasks and salary

Roles and tasks of the merchandising project manager

The merchandising project manager is responsible for developing, planning and coordinating activities relating to the promotion and marketing of products. This may include marketing, analysing trends and developing and implementing sales strategies. The main duties and responsibilities of a merchandising project manager are as follows:

Developing and implementing marketing strategies to promote the company's products and services;

Develop sales plans and strategies to increase product reach and awareness;

Monitor and analyse market and competitive trends;

Identify opportunities for product growth and development;

Participate in planning and brainstorming meetings;

Design and produce advertising campaigns and promotional tools;

Manage relations with suppliers and customers;

Analysing the performance of products and promotions;

Supervise the sales team and marketing staff;

Manage the budget and ensure the profitability of marketing and sales campaigns.

A merchandising project manager must have an analytical mind and the ability to make quick decision

Merchandising project manager salary and career development

The salary of a merchandising project manager is very varied and can vary according to the experience of the employee. On average, a merchandising project manager can earn between €35,000 and €50,000 a year, depending on their sector and level of experience. What's more, the number of years' experience will also determine how much you earn. Here is a list of gross annual salaries according to the number of years' experience for a merchandising project manager in France:

0 to 2 years: €28,000 to €38,000;

2 to 5 years: 45,000 to 55,000 euros;

5 to 10 years: €55,000 to €65,000;

10 to 15 years: €70,000 to €85,000;

More than 15 years: 85,000 to 110,000 euros.

As far as the career prospects of a merchandising project manager are concerned, here is a list of 5 possible professions:

Marketing and sales manager;

Director of marketing and sales;

Operations Director;

Sales strategy manager;

Purchasing Director.

The merchandising sector is constantly evolving and can offer many opportunities for professionals. Merchandising project managers can use their expertise to progress to other positions of responsibility.

Advantages and disadvantages of a merchandising project manager


Excellent opportunity for learning and professional development.

Good remuneration and benefits.

A variety of work experiences, challenges and personal development opportunities.

An activity that can be carried out independently and allows for flexible working.

A good opportunity to develop professional contacts and client relationships.


Unpredictable working hours and overtime.

Constant pressure to manage multiple projects and responsibilities.

Poor communication and relationship management can lead to delays and mistakes.

Difficulty managing sometimes unpredictable customer expectations.

Strong competition for positions of high responsibility.

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