sales manager: job, tasks and salary

Roles and tasks of the sales manager

Sales managers have a wide range of responsibilities and tasks. The main task of a sales manager is to meet or exceed sales targets. To do this, they must develop sales plans, train and lead a sales team, and take concrete action to achieve results. Here is a list of the main roles and missions of a sales manager:

Developing sales plans to achieve the organisation's objectives: a good sales plan is essential for achieving results in the field. The sales manager must develop sales and promotional strategies that are tailored to the organisation's objectives.

Recruiting and training salespeople and representatives: The sales manager must recruit and train salespeople and manage a sales team. They must train salespeople and provide them with the tools and techniques they need to achieve their objectives.

Drawing up budgets and sales objectives: The sales manager must establish realistic budgets and objectives and communicate them to team members.

Evaluating sales performance and taking corrective action: The Sales Manager will evaluate sales performance and take corrective action to improve the team's performance.

Monitor market trends and adapt sales strategies and plans: Sales managers

Salary and career development of sales managers

Sales managers play a vital role in the success of many companies. A sales manager's salary can vary depending on experience and region. In France, on average, a sales manager can earn between €40,000 and €70,000 gross per year. Salaries vary with years of experience and are on the rise.

0 to 2 years: Average of €40,000 gross per annum

2 to 5 years: average of €45,000 gross per year

5 to 10 years: Average of €50,000 gross per annum

10 to 15 years: average of €60,000 gross per annum

Over 15 years: Average of €70,000 gross per annum

This salary may vary depending on the size of the company and the region in which it is based. In terms of career development, a sales manager may consider becoming a sales director, sales manager, product manager, product manager or head of sales. Each of these professions offers sales managers career opportunities and higher salaries.

Advantages and disadvantages of being a sales manager


Opportunities to develop commercial and leadership skills.

Opportunity to work in a variety of environments.

Attractive remuneration and bonuses for performance.

Unique networks of professional contacts.

Challenges and opportunities for innovation.


Long working hours and frequent travel.

Need to comply with strict rules and procedures.

Significant pressure to meet ambitious business targets.

High level of competition in the sector.

Difficulty managing a constantly changing business environment.

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