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Change your outlook on your job search period

“And you, what do you do for a living?”

Have you ever had that awkward moment when you don't know what to say because you're unemployed?

What if we stopped stigmatizing this period? What if we were proud to talk about his period of professional transition?

Because yes, scientific studies show it, the world of work is changing and the majority of people will experience at least one period of unemployment in their lifetime. So why not make this period constructive? Why not use it as a springboard to a satisfying return to work?

How ? Justine, from the association Activ’Action which aims to transform unemployment into a constructive experience, gives you some courses of action!

Meet and help each other with other people in professional transition

You are not alone in this situation, so why not help each other and motivate each other with other people in professional transition? Meeting and working with people in the same situation allows you to keep a rhythm, to benefit from the advice of each and everyone, to create a network, not to isolate yourself and to be able to (re)motivate yourself! There are several structures to get in touch like CoJob, the collective of Jobeurs!

You can also join paumé-e-s, a makesense community : not just people looking for work, but a very attentive collective that regularly organizes meetings to discuss their current lack of patience.

The idea is to meet regularly to move forward together, on your job search!

Develop new skills and identify the one you have in you, without even suspecting them

We all have skills and in particular know-how, to highlight on your CV! Know-how, known as “soft skills”, are increasingly important for recruiters and the good news is that you develop them throughout your life, just by doing things that WE love ! What if you took the time to think about what drives you to identify your skills? For example, do you play basketball? Highlight your ability to move forward as a team! Do you like cooking and inventing new recipes? Do not hesitate to highlight your creativity on your CV!

To be accompanied in the identification and development of your soft skills, at Activ'Action, we offer you several free and collaborative workshops and in particular the Activ’Jump, which allows you to identify and enhance your skills!

As for technical skills, “hard skills”, or know-how, you can also take advantage of this period to develop them. jobs_that_makesense references fifty positive impact-oriented training courses to develop your know-how in many areas:

Experiment, test new things to find and do what you love

It also happens during this period of professional transition, that we are lost and that we no longer really know what we like, what we want to do... To test new things and develop new skills, for example you can get involved in an association as a volunteer! Do not hesitate to find out about the directory of associations in your city to offer your time to a cause that is close to your heart!

And if you prefer to test several different missions and structures rather than invest yourself in the long term, there are sites like TousBénévoles or Bénénova which offer volunteer missions of only a few hours!

You can also follow a free re_action program by makesense, a 12-day collective program (promo of 15 people), to take action on causes that are close to your heart. The perfect opportunity to create a network, to stay in action, to highlight your professional transition period with a recruiter and to discover actions that you like!

You will have understood it, considering your professional transition period differently, it is possible!

And that's also what we offer you at Activ’Action ! Do not hesitate to participate in our workshops, they are free and collaborative and you can attend them in several cities in France and Belgium or online, directly from your couch ;-):

Ah, and last thing: we recruit regularly! So if you want to get involved in a job with a strong social impact, with a team and a benevolent operation, which is based on the skills and motivation of each person, join us!

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