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L’institut de Tramayes, un tiers-lieu en construction - Témoignage du Maire de Tramayes

A tous les Paumé.e.s, un centre formation supérieur en milieu rural a ouvert ses portes cette année ! Découvrez le projet !

The Institut de Tramayes from the inside? - What they say.

Two moms talk about the Institut de Tramayes !

Eco-anxiety, a lever for your professional transition?

2.5 million eco-anxious people in France - that's a lot! Pierre-Eric Sutter, a psychologist specializing in the subject, tells us all about it.

Arthur Gosset - A breakthrough engineer

We met Arthur Gosset at the Séisme pour l'emploi impact forum. A former engineer, he tells us about his inspiring career!

The low-tech approach: a professional way forward?

We asked 3 low-tech professionals to give us their views on their jobs and the opportunities in this sector!

How do you find a job that makes sense ?

92% of working people want to have a meaningful job. Do you? Here are a few tips to help you find a job that makes sense for you !

Lucas Mirgalet - ingé d'avenir "It's possible to combine meaning and salary."

An engineer in energy renovation !

Martin - Low-tech association manager and part-time employee

A dissonance engineer, Martin turned to low-tech for greater coherence.

Marie, future engineer - "I wanted to mix hard sciences and social sciences."

To be an engineer of the future, you need a specific orientation during your studies. Marie tells us all about it!

Florent Haffner, ingé d'avenir - "Human, engineer, anthropocene."

Florent, ingé d'avenir, has left his #engineer #solutionist #optimist hat, to become... human again !