Skill Hacks

These articles are your personal map to finding the training courses, both behavioral and technical, that unleash your full potential for the impact sector. Think of it as building your impact toolbox, one skill at a time.

Working in a responsible digital environment, to reduce the impact of digital technology

Digital emissions continue to grow as the number of uses increases. It's time to make the switch to responsible digital! The Isia Group tells us all

Ingénieurs : mieux que la bifurcation, le choix !

On parle beaucoup de bifurcation ou de désertion des ingénieurs. Mais d'autres choix sont possibles. C'est ce qu'explore Laurent Polet, de Primaveras, dans cet article

Will eco-design save the world?

Spoiler alert: no, eco-design won't save the world, but it can contribute to it by drastically reducing the impact of the goods we consume.

Exploring other ways of organizing companies

Can we change the world without changing organizations? Find out in this article about new, more democratic ways of working in companies.

Reconnecting with nature

Interacting with the living world since she was a little girl, Fantine always knew she would make it her profession. Today, she accompanies those who wish to make it theirs !

Understanding the challenges of the ecological transition.

Are you concerned by ecological issues and want to learn how to take action on your own scale ? There are many ways to get your foot in the door and take action !

A new career in data: is it right for me?

Analyzing and understanding data is key to ensuring an organization's impact. Aurore introduces you to a world where numbers are at the service of the ecological transition.

Feature - Working in tech and making a difference. These organizations are doing it !

After a first article presenting the importance of tech and data professions in the impact sector, here are some impact organizations for which these skills are needed.

Dossier - Working in Tech & in Impact. Which jobs and training?

To close this "Tech X Impact" file, here are some examples of possible jobs and trainings in tech and data, to engage you in the ecological and social transition by using these skills.

Dossier - Working in Tech & in Impact. Is it compatible ?

As part of our daily uses, how do new technologies and data find their place in the ecological and social transition? We dissect the subject via 3 dedicated articles !