Skills and training

The ecological and societal transition requires the development of new skills, both behavioral and technical. Through these articles, we help you to see more clearly about the training courses allowing you to acquire them.

Illustration : Matthew Feeney, Unsplash

Events not to be missed - May 2022

In May, do what you want... And that's good, we've prepared a short list of positive impact events offered by our partners this month.

Professional retraining: craftsmanship and "doing" jobs

You are fed up with your job behind a desk, and tempted by a craft job? Before you start, we advise you to test, for example with a short training. This is what Make Ici offers, presented to us by Xavier Modin.

3 advantages that science gives you to succeed in your job interviews

You worked like crazy to get this interview... But you have a lump in your stomach when you walk out the door? We give you 3 tips to put the odds on your side.

"Thinking the ecological and social transition in a systemic way" with Thomas Merzlic (T-Campus)

From the tire to the eco-place, discover the journey of Thomas Merzlic, who presents the T-Campus immersion program.

How to finance your vocational training

Sophie Carretero, professional development consultant at APEC, presents the various aids for professional retraining. CPF, PTP, ... These terms will no longer hold any secrets for you!

What skills are SSE recruiters looking for?

Is the SSE sector a continent isolated from the rest of the professional world? Are there specific skills and know-how? Is there training to prepare for it? Recruiters help us see things more clearly.

Events not to be missed - February 2022

You do not know how to occupy your lunches and your long evenings of this small month of February? The jobs_that_makesense team has found you the best events of the month to get you started on the professional retraining for impact!

Circular Design, why? How? For who ?

You have already heard of circular economy, but do you know circular design? Discover this new key discipline in the ecological and societal transition, and learn how to train yourself to integrate good upcycling and sustainability practices from the design stage.

[Portrait] Anaïs - co-founder of Somanyways

Thirsty for entrepreneurship, Anaïs founded SomanyWays to help everyone find their place at each stage of their professional career. Discover his journey.