Professional retraining guide

Do you have the quest for meaning that tickles you, but you don't know where to start to embark on your professional retraining? We offer you content adapted to each situation to help you see things more clearly.

5 possible ways to align your work with your values

Are you looking to give meaning to your job? Charlotte Lischer, from Social Declik, explores 5 ways to achieve this.

Leaving... without quitting

Your decision is made: you can't continue in your current job. Are you ready to put your application in? Not so fast, François Roche, from MyWay Out, has a better idea for you.

How much does a skills assessment cost?

Do you want to know more about the cost of a skills assessment? In this article, we show you the prices of each of our partner assessments, all eligible for funding !

How to do a skills assessment ?

You know what a skills assessment is, and you would like to do one? To go through a training organization, to do it yourself, to have it financed.... here is what you need to know.

Doing your own skills assessment

Would you like to do a skills assessment on your own? Here are the methods and tools to do one yourself !

How to finance a skills assessment ?

You want to do a skills assessment and the price is holding you back? Don't panic, there are many ways to finance it according to your situation. We detail them here.

I don't want to go back to work, what should I do?

Is work hard for you right now ? Are you tired ? You don't want to go back to work ? There are several solutions to get you out of there.

Why taking a skills assessment ?

What is the purpose of skills assessments? Here we talk about why you may need to do one and the best times to do it.

I don't want to be a teacher anymore. What can I do?

Did you like teaching for a while but now you want something else? Do you like your job but would like to do it differently? Or are you still studying for a teaching degree? Here are some options for you!

How to thwart greenwashing in job offers?

Are you tired of these job offers that wash oil green? Matthieu gives you tips to avoid being greenwashed in your search for a job with a positive impact!