Professional retraining guide

Do you have the quest for meaning that tickles you, but you don't know where to start to embark on your professional retraining? We offer you content adapted to each situation to help you see things more clearly.

How to explain a professional retraining?

You'd like to change jobs, but you are already worried about having to justify yourself to future recruiters? A little anti-stress article to give you all the tips to prepare your arguments!

The cover letter for a professional retraining in the impact

Does the anxiety of the blank page speak to you? We have all experienced this before the imposed exercise of the cover letter. Don't panic, we've prepared a little guide for you with Animafac.

I am an executive - what are the options for my retraining?

It is not because you are an executive that you are condemned to spend your life at La Défense. Here are a few tips for you to succeed in your professional retraining in impact.

Skills assessments to take stock of your professional life

You would like to be accompanied in your professional retraining towards impact, but how to navigate the jungle of skills assessments? We have prepared a selection of the best balance sheets for you according to your needs.

How to ensure professional retraining without loss of salary?

The fear of downgrading is the first obstacle to a professional retraining in impact. We give you some tips to avoid giving in to a panic attack!

How to make a professional retraining in the environment?

As the 6th IPCC report has just been released, you would like to train yourself to be able to put your professional life at the service of preserving the planet. But how do you find the right training?

Professional retraining: who can support me?

When you embark on a professional retraining, it is sometimes difficult to know which door to knock on. Here we give you some advice to help you.

How to make a CV for a professional retraining in the impact?

Whether you are looking for your first job or in professional retraining, we give you all the keys for an impact-oriented CV!

Make a professional retraining with a Bac+5

If you think that Bac+5 and impact profession are incompatible, you should take a look at this article without delay!

Where to get information for a professional retraining in the impact?

We help you to see more clearly in all the organizations, aids, advice that exist to calmly succeed in your professional retraining.