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How much does a skills assessment cost?

Would you like to take stock of your career path by doing a skills assessment? On a personal and professional level, taking a skills assessment can bring you a lot. With the help of personalized and/or group support, it allows you to take a step back, to identify your professional skills and experience, to think about a realistic and achievable goal and a coherent professional project. What could stop you from doing one? Its cost, perhaps, which varies between 1200 and 2500€. Finally... you can imagine, if we write this article, it is not to deplore the price of assessments, but rather to talk about financing solutions, whatever your professional situation.

What is the cost of the balance sheets on jobs_that_makesense?

Switch Collective 

  • Duration ? 2 months
  • Where? 100% online or face-to-face in Paris
  • Price: 1499€ for the online course, 1999€ in person
  • Program eligible for Cpf and Opco


  • Duration ? 3 months
  • Where? 100% online
  • Price : 1350€ (€)
  • Program eligible for Cpf and Opco


  • Duration ? 3 months
  • Where ? 100% online or online + 1 week immersion in Dordogne
  • Price : 1500€ (€)
  • Program eligible for Cpf and Opco

For a professional transition with impact

Hisse & Haut

  • Duration ? 3 months
  • Where? 100% online or in person in Lyon
  • Price: €1900
  • Program eligible for Cpf and Opco

Cap Positif

  • Duration ? 3 months
  • Where ? 100% online or face to face in Paris
  • Price: 1.490€ TTC for individual courses, 1.890€ TTC for mixed courses (individual and group)
  • Program eligible for Cpf and Opco


  • Duration ? 3 months
  • Where? 100% online
  • Fee : X
  • Program eligible for Cpf and Opco

To do a 100% female competence assessment

Garance & Moi

  • Duration ? 7 weeks
  • Where ? 100% online
  • Price: Between 1250€ and 2190€ depending on the program chosen
  • Program eligible for Cpf and PĂŽle Emploi

For a 100% personalized coaching 

Perrine Garda, coach engagée

  • Duration ? 4 to 6 months
  • Where ? 100% online or face to face in Toulouse
  • Price: 2000€ (€)
  • Program eligible for Cpf and PĂŽle Emploi

And also

My way experience

30 minutes of free video training to successfully leave a company on good terms, without quitting.

Who should attend ? Employees on permanent contracts

What is the CPF?

The Personal Training Account (CPF) allows you to acquire training rights in the form of euros throughout your professional life. If you choose this method of financing as part of your skills assessment, unless your employer agrees, you must carry it out outside of your working hours and apply for leave if necessary.

Who is it for? All working people: employees in any sector of activity (private sector, as well as the public service), job seekers. In the public service, you accumulate hours and not euros.

💡 If you are a job seeker, Pîle Emploi can help you with the financing, via a CPF top-up.

What are the other options for financing a skills assessment?

The Fongecif

If you are an employee, the Fonds de Gestion des Congés Individuels de Formation (Fongecif) is an interprofessional organization that allows employees to benefit from personalized support for their professional project. It allows, under certain conditions, to finance a skills assessment and can be carried out during working hours, by requesting an authorization of absence from your employer.

⚠Pour be covered, your application for funding must be made at least 45 days before the start of the skills assessment at the Fongecif in your region.

👉 Want to know if you are eligible for the Fongecif? Check with the organization in your area.

PĂŽle Emploi

If you are a jobseeker, you can get financing for assessments managed by PĂŽle Emploi or ask your PĂŽle Emploi advisor to top up your account if you are short of money to do one.

Your current company


You can ask your employer to finance your assessment via the OPCO (Opérateur de Compétences) which is an approved parity organization in charge of supporting professional training. If your employer agrees to the assessment, the level of financial support will depend on the professional branch to which your company is linked.

Who is it for? You must be employed in the private sector only.

Want more info on funding options no matter what your status?

👉 Here is an article dedicated to financing skills assessments.

The Skills Development Plan (SDP)

Formerly called "Training Plan", the PDC is set up at the initiative of the employer, to develop the professional skills of his employees, and can include actions of skills assessment. If it is not the case, take this opportunity to ask for it ;)

The benefits?

  • You keep your salary during your training
  • Additional expenses are paid by your employer (accommodation, travel, meals).
  • At the end of your training, you will have made an analysis of the skills you have acquired and those you lack, you may have clarified possible avenues of development, and you may request training for professional development, internal mobility or to obtain the skills that will allow you to validate the project of your choice.

⚠ If you carry out an assessment within the framework of a DCP, a tripartite agreement must be concluded between you, your employer and the organization providing the skills assessment

To take action

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