Skills and training
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Facilitating collective intelligence in organizations.

Alone we go faster, together we go further! This is the motto of Charles, co-founder of a training organization in collective intelligence. Discover these tools that awaken individual potential and facilitate cooperation.

The circular economy to transform economic practices.

Extract, manufacture, throw away... What if this process was coming to an end? The circular economy, which consists in rethinking the life cycle of products, reusing and reemploying is in any case one of the objectives of the SDGs! What are these issues? How to train for them? We tell you about it here.

Eco-design to reduce the environmental impact of the cultural sector

You love festivals. So much so that you would like to make a living out of it. But is it compatible with your ecological commitments? Alexia Lechevestrier, from MakeIci, gives you THE solution.

Managing the energy transition, a mission to be met through a diversity of professions.

To get out of polluting energy sources, like oil, coal and gas, renewable energies are the future! To manage this energy transition, certain skills are necessary.

Training in facilitation to transform organizations from within

Changing paradigms within organizations to lead the ecological and social transition requires key skills. Facilitation is one of them! We explain this skill in detail and the existing trainings to develop it.

Understand the life of an ecovillage through immersion !

If you want to learn about democratic education, community living and communication in a group that interacts in shared governance, then come to Pourgues, for an internship or an immersive vacation with 30 ecovillagers !

How to write a student resume from A to Z ?

In your job search, sooner or later you will have to send your resume and cover letter to apply! You don't know where to start? In this article, we talk about the resume and we detail step by step how to create a personalized one.

Thinking, working and undertaking in the territories with the training courses of the Institute of Tramayes

What if we started to work with our hands again? The Insitut de Tramayes accompanies students, young graduates and people in professional reconversion wishing to give meaning to their work, by soliciting both thought and work, to respond concretely to the real needs of the territories.

The sustainable transformation of companies, a challenge to be met!

The ecological and social transition is underway and organizations, regardless of their size and status, must transform themselves to keep up with this movement. Do you want to be a strategic actor of this transformation? Here are 9 CSR training courses!

Training in building energy renovation

You work in energy renovation and you would like to improve your skills in your profession? You would like to make a professional reconversion in this sector? In this article, we present you the training courses to do so!