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Discover the job of Expert in Global Energy Renovation of Buildings

The building sector is recognized as being the most energy-intensive, and second only to transport in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. Decarbonizing buildings has become a priority, and the challenges of energy renovation will create many new jobs.

The new-build sector is also undergoing radical change, with new technical and regulatory requirements. All scenarios for 2050 clearly point to a sharp drop in new construction. The scarcity of land and the challenges posed by the Zero Artificialisation Net scheme are driving new practices, such as raising the height of existing buildings, to enhance their value and finance energy-efficient renovation.

Why do we talk about "global" renovation?

This is one of the sector's major challenges. Also known as "complete and efficient", the global approach is a means of achieving a targeted performance objective. There is a broad consensus that BBC renovation (Bâtiment Basse Consommation) is the right compromise for all existing buildings.

The term "global" refers to high-performance renovation work carried out in a single stage, covering the following areas: insulation of walls, low floors and roof, replacement of external joinery, ventilation and heating/hot-water production, as well as interfaces (physical junctions between these areas of work to ensure airtightness and continuity of insulation) and interactions between these areas (correct sizing of systems).

But to be global, beyond the energy and carbon aspects, a renovation must take into account adaptation to climate change, integrate the circular economy, promote the use of low-carbon, bio-sourced or reused materials, preserve water resources, while enhancing the value of France's architectural heritage.

What is the role of a Global Energy Renovation Expert?

The comprehensive building energy renovation expert manages operations in the programming, design and/or execution phases of comprehensive building energy renovation projects. His or her mission is to orchestrate the project, coordinating teams (internal and external) and operations from A to Z.

The building renovation expert is the pillar on which the renovation operation rests. Thanks to his or her actions and skills, he or she can guarantee the performance of the work carried out.

A technical profession dedicated to energy and environmental performance

An expert in global building energy renovation, with a wide range of skills, will carry out a study of the existing situation, then design and manage the project right through to acceptance of the work.

In the planning phase, he first carries out an energy audit and an inventory of the existing situation, including on-site surveys. Then, he draws up and presents renovation scenarios to meet both the expectations of residents and environmental performance objectives. Depending on the scenario selected, he or she carries out or supervises the design studies, then consults with contractors and coordinates the execution of the work.

His skills enable him to recommend a natural system to improve comfort, particularly during the summer months, and thus avoid the use of an air-conditioning system. He is also skilled in the implementation of insulation processes for the building envelope and the prescription of renewable energy production solutions.

Beyond technical skills, a human profession at the service of residents for buildings that are beautiful and pleasant to live in

The building renovation expert is in direct contact with the customer, whom he must be able to support throughout the project. He or she also plays the role of coordinator for the various trades, guaranteeing the energy efficiency of the work. In particular, he instructs each contractor on the requirements and constraints of the project. He draws up a schedule of work to be carried out by the professionals, and sets up self-monitoring systems to guarantee performance.

Supporting the project owner, leading internal and external teams, coordinating projects with multiple players, managing hazards, risks and conflicts, requires the Expert to have solid human skills: interpersonal intelligence, communication skills, listening skills, teaching skills and stress management.

What are the career prospects?

The profession of Building Energy Renovation Expert is new, meaningful and fully meets environmental challenges. The energy renovation sector is driven by public policy and is booming. All of these professions are currently in short supply, and offer numerous outlets for those who have been trained.

Building Energy Renovation Experts can work with a wide range of structures: VSEs, SMEs, ETIs, major groups, and integrate various real estate and construction players, depending on their skills and their position in the various phases of a project: design, execution, operation, etc. They will thus find their place in a wide range of organizations. You'll find your place in technical design offices, building contractors, project management agencies, general contractors, energy renovation contractors, property developers, architectural firms, property managers or local authorities. They can also work independently as project management assistants, energy renovation advisors, energy auditors, etc.


"With passion, I embraced a reconversion to energy renovation for condominiums. Now, every project becomes an opportunity to combine technical expertise and ecological commitment. For me, it's very satisfying to contribute to a more sustainable future." Geoffroy, building energy renovation expert and branch manager.

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Sénova : le Campus. Expert in comprehensive energy renovation of buildings, level 7 certification.

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