Professional retraining guide

How to find professional retraining ideas?

Wanting a new professional life is good, but you still have to know what to do, right? Are you one of those people who want to change direction and who don't yet have specific career development ideas? No panic. Already, you are not alone in being lost on these questions of professional changes. Wanting to pursue a career in one profession all your life is less and less the norm. To find a job that suits you, there is not really a magic recipe. Its requires a bit of work, like asking professional and personal questions, connecting and chatting with converts, getting information via testimonials, podcasts and other resources on existing professions... To help you think about a project and carry out your change of lane, we detail a few leads for you.


If you're lost, maybe start by taking stock

To take stock, you can follow a retraining support via a skills assessment. The assessments today are a little more than question-and-answer interviews and mix individual and collective workshops. You can meet job seekers, employees in retraining, people who have a desire for change and who are asking questions like you. The assessments often make it possible to recap one's professional career and to initiate a process of retraining. It is possible to attend the workshops in person and/or online.

jobs_that_makesense includes among these partners, organizations that offer skills assessment programs, lasting from 1 to 3 months. Some are specialized to find your way in the impact and others are more general. Most can be financed by your company's OPCO or your CPF.

👉 To find out more about retraining, here are the different devices available to you, depending on your profile.


Contact someone in your network to find out about their job

There are more and more people who have decided to change jobs or even change their lives. Understanding their background, the reasons for their choice of professional reorientation and their new job can shed light on what could help you grow professionally. How to contact them?


Through your Alumni network

If you have completed higher education, you can contact members of your Alumnis network. You can access their professional career and contact the profiles who have made job changes to find out more about their professional development.


On LinkedIn

You can also do filtered searches for profiles by industry, profession or company on LinkedIn. You can access their career path and connect, for example, to those who have changed jobs several times. Often, people are happy to share their experience.


Through a community

If you have carried out a skills assessment, you often have access to the community of former participants, many of whom have undertaken a change of orientation. Often members communicate about their successful retraining and this may give you ideas for your professional project.

You can even, if you are not already a member, join the Make Sense Lost community. Many people ask each other questions and interact with each other to help each other. You will also find on the group, members who are currently in retraining or have undertaken a reorientation towards impact.


Resources for inspiration and information

👉 Here are some articles to explore the needs of tomorrow HERE

👉 To learn more about the professional life of people working in impact, you can read their testimonials HERE

👉 And here is a selection of podcasts on professional retraining:

  • Vocation
  • Sauter le Pas
  • Oser la reconversion


Ideas for professional reorientation in your sector, in your job

Considering changing professional activity does not necessarily mean undertaking a radical reorientation. You can change jobs without changing sector or choose a similar job in another sector.

What job to do without changing industry?

If you need to evolve in your profession towards an impact sector, on the job offers platform jobs_that_makesense, you can select your current sector of activity and see which impact companies are recruiting in your profession. Here are some opportunities for retraining on the job market:



👉 Find all those organisations on jobs_that_makesense

If you work in AGRICULTURE, you can for example join:

  • Biilyo, which develops citizen agriculture at the local level.
  • Terre de Lien, a foundation that works to preserve agricultural land, facilitate the journey of farmers looking to settle and develop organic and peasant farming.

If your favorite sector is SPORT:

  • La Recyclerie sportive, an association that collects, sorts, repairs and redistributes sporting goods
  • Fútbol Más, a foundation that develops socio-sports programs to promote the well-being and inclusion of a migrant public of all ages and children and young people living in priority neighborhoods.

If you want to work in THE CULTURAL or EVENTS SECTOR:

  • Secoya, a consulting agency specializing in the application of CSR strategies in audiovisual, cinema and advertising.
  • La Fabrique des Castors, which organizes team buildings and other corporate events around zero waste.


  • Pommy, an SSE company that gives a second life to unsold fruit by transforming it into fruit purees
  • Karbon, which democratizes eco-design, in particular via the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) method with food manufacturers.


  • Uptrade, a platform for revaluing stocks of dormant fabrics, made available to players who know how to give them a second life.
  • Resilience, a network of more than 60 textile workshops working in the social and solidarity economy for the relocation of French textile production.


  • The Isia group, which supports organizations in the implementation of sustainable digital solutions.
  • Getaround, a car sharing platform, with a community of more than 5 million users worldwide.



How to convert to the same profession and change branch?

Same thing if you want to take on a new professional project without changing jobs. On jobs, if a reconversion towards impact attracts you, you can discover the companies that are recruiting for your current job. On each offer, the required skills are indicated and you can compare them with yours.



If you are looking for a BUSINESS DEVELOPER position, you can work in a company like:

  • At all my helpers, to give as many people as possible access to information about the state aid to which they are entitled.
  • At Clear Fashion, to affix the Fashion Score to a multitude of branded clothing and thus inform consumers about the social and environmental impact of brands during their purchases.


  • You can work around the materials that make up the PowerOfMoss green roofs.
  • You can orient yourself in agroecology by joining Fermes d’Avenir.


  • You can coordinate all the ongoing projects at Action Emploi Réfugiés.
  • Or manage the projects of Hors Normes, which organizes the home delivery of products saved from waste.

Your field is COMMUNICATION:

  • Communicates around training programs in an organization like Ticket For Change to support people in professional transitions towards careers with impact.
  • Developed communication for UNICO, a software to optimize waste management.


You can develop the budgetary and financial management of an actor like France Active, which finances the projects of committed entrepreneurs


  • Be a consultant at Des Enjeux et des Hommes, a change management firm specializing in Sustainable Development and CSR.
  • Or at Omeva, a committed recruitment firm entirely dedicated to jobs with a positive impact and linked to sustainable development



Some offers catch your attention but you do not have the required skills?

Try your luck anyway

In your job search, you notice that you are not the person made for this job that attracts you so much? Do not hesitate to send your application anyway or to contact the recruiter to find out more! You may not be the candidate who fits perfectly with the black-and-white written offer, but recruiters remain open and other parameters than your skills, such as your personality or the values ​​that drive you, can make a difference.

If, however, the skills required are too far from yours, on jobs, training courses are recommended to you at the bottom of the page of several job offers to train you and develop skills that you may lack.



For example, for a career change in a structure such as Des Enjeux et des Hommes, which requires, as a consultant, to have knowledge of CSR issues, you can take professional training for a few days, which can be financed with your CPF or your company's OPCO. You can also join a Specialized Master in CSR if you opt for a long course.

👉 Here are the different professional training courses to guide your career towards CSR: HERE 


Often, in the impact, soft skills make the difference between one profile and another. To develop the behavioral skills expected in the field of impact

👉 some trainings HERE

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