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Build a professional retraining project that makes sense

Are you thinking of retraining yourself professionally to change your life thanks to a radical reorientation? Know that you are in the right place to put in place an action plan and realize your professional retraining project that makes sense.

Who are you ? Knowing yourself to build your professional retraining project

To lay the foundations of your professional reorientation project, it is essential to have a good foundation. Foundations on which to rely to build your future professional life step by step.

What training and experience do you rely on to change career paths?

Whether you are at the beginning, middle or end of your career, know that it is never too late to change career paths and embark on a new profession.

Nevertheless, it is still useful to know your strengths to best define your new professional project.

It is therefore important that you write down in black and white the diplomas and training that you hold. You must also add the professional experiences acquired since your beginnings. All these elements will form the basis of your profile and will highlight key skills, aptitudes, which may be useful to you in your new professional adventure.

What are your aspirations? Your values?

In the world of work, young and old are more and more inclined to let their convictions speak for themselves. Indeed, they are looking for a job consistent with their values ​​and aspirations. Gone are the days when the main criterion was remuneration or geographical proximity.

If this is your case, you should therefore ask yourself a few questions to give a guideline to your retraining project. What are the core values ​​for you? On the contrary, what are the things that go totally against your ideals?

Once you have carried out this introspection, you can look more seriously at a possible reconversion. If possible, within a company in line with your values.

What do you really want?

Xhat do you want?

What motivates your conversion project?

You want to reorient yourself. Ok, but for what purpose? To set up a retraining project, you must have a clear vision of what motivates you to change jobs or sectors of activity.

There may be many reasons that lead you to consider another career direction:

- Lack of responsibility

- The desire for new challenges

- The need to break with the routine

- The feeling of not being in one's place

- The loss of meaning in one's professional missions

- The fear of burnout

- Work/life balance

- Ill-being

What do you mean by search for meaning?

Commonly, we speak of "meaning" to define a purpose, a value, the purpose of something, the reason for an action and how we can explain or justify a choice.

Thus, not everyone has the same definition of the quest for meaning and that is quite normal. All the more so when the notion of “meaning” is associated with the world of work and professional desires.

Many studies have recently investigated this phenomenon. We note that 87% of employees surveyed believe that meaning at work is an important subject. 54% also claim to choose their profession taking into account the criterion of meaning.

This quest for meaning at work can take different forms. From the enhancement of know-how and skills, to the feeling of positive emotions during daily missions, through the feeling of being socially useful...

In your situation, what criteria related to the notion of meaning would allow you to feel useful, to flourish professionally in your new professional life? What is lacking in meaning in your current professional environment? Can this need for meaning be satisfied in your private sphere or do you want to fulfill yourself professionally in an impact job?

Avenues for your professional retraining project

A few tips to follow to build your retraining project

You may have already made good progress in developing a professional project adapted to your expectations. But you will probably need to dig your change of path before embarking on a new professional activity.

From a simple tool, to specialized resources, via personalized support… Thanks to jobs_that_makesense advice, build your retraining project step by step.

Do a skills assessment

For people in employment or job seekers, it can be interesting to do a skills assessment during their career. This allows you to understand the possibilities of professional development in the company. Or in your case, a 360-degree professional retraining.

In addition to your own analysis of your personal situation, an objective diagnosis of your profile and an individual interview with a professional adviser will be of great help to you in pursuing your professional retraining project.

Choose from the 7 skills assessments preselected by jobs_that_makesense!

Retraining support is a precious right for those who, like you, are trying to reorient themselves professionally.

Find your Ikigai

Have you ever heard of Ikigai? This is a concept straight from Japan. “Ikigai” translates to “life mission”. A philosophical way of looking at things and finding the reasons why you get out of bed in the morning. To define your ikigai, all you have to do is take stock of 4 main themes: your passion, your mission, your profession, your vocation.

It is in the center of these four circles that you will be able to obtain interesting answers to build your retraining project and start a new career with fulfillment as the key word.

👉 Looking for your Ikigai

Discover professions with a positive impact

There is a real awareness in environmental and social matters... This is also reflected at the level of companies and the job market. Proof of this are the many job opportunities on permanent, fixed-term, internship or work-study contracts in the private, public or voluntary sector.

If you are looking for a new path, but you do not yet know which job to go to to make yourself useful, it's simple. You can simply browse through ours job offers on jobs_that_makesense. This will help you broaden your horizons and perhaps allow you to find your future professional vocation!

Our professional future is never drawn in advance. There is no good time to change profession and learn a new trade. The hardest thing is to start despite the brakes that we set ourselves. Indeed, it is always possible to build a viable professional retraining project when you ask yourself the right questions and agree to be accompanied!

Do you have a conversion project that is close to your heart? Get started because as Fabio Volo would say “For years, I waited for my life to change. Now I know that it was her who was waiting for me to change”.

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