Tomorrow's society needs

What are the professions that society really needs for the ecological and societal transition? Discover the professions of tomorrow, and get inspired for your professional transition towards impact!

Which environmental professions are recruiting?

Want to help save our planet, but don't know where to start? We have prepared a (non-exhaustive) list of professional opportunities in the environmental sector

Which craft professions are recruiting?

You're tired of metro-work-sleep, and you want to do something with your hands. So discover the craft trades related to the ecological and social transition!

5 professions for retraining in the environment with or without the baccalaureate

You don't necessarily need to be an engineer to help protect the planet (fortunately!). Discover 5 job ideas accessible with short studies.

Entrepreneurship in the territories: is it the right time?

The health crisis has given rise to many desires to reconnect with nature. To go beyond the fantasies of life in the countryside, Yannick Rasoava presents us with the issues of entrepreneurship in semi-rural areas and the challenges of these territories.

[Testimonial] – SSE as a freelancer? It's possible !

Are you tempted by the social and solidarity economy but want to be independent? This is the career of Claire, freelance in digital marketing in the SSE. A testimony that will give you ideas!

Ecological transition: the great reorientation of the job market

With more than a hundred organizations working for ecological and social transitions, we are calling for a major reorientation of the job market.