Entrepreneurs, reconverted, actors of the social and solidarity economy,... they have moved to the side of the positive impact! Discover their journey, and draw a great breath of inspiration for your professional retraining

Do not hesitate to interact with associations and NGOs

Discover the testimony of Tessa, who works in the photo department of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

“Great things can happen if you take the first step”

A new testimony live from Copenhagen, where Johann is engaged with Blue Flag. He tells us about his associative experience and gives us his advice.

"It's easier to get up in the morning for a good cause"

Discover the portrait of Kevin, Community Manager at the French Red Cross. A good dose of inspiration to help you in your professional retraining projects!

[Interview] Kevin Goldberg, Groupe SOS

Belgian by birth, Grenoble in childhood, Parisian by adoption... Discover the portrait of Kevin Goldberg, what led him to join the SOS Group, what drives him on a daily basis and his advice for getting started in professional retraining towards the social and solidarity economy.

[Interview] Ophélie Barbut - Groupe SOS Pulse

From DDB and Sodexo to Solidarité Sida then the SOS Group, discover the portrait of Ophélie Barbut, her trigger for the SSE and its many facets!

"I chose the profession of specialized educator by vocation"

Sarah is a specialist educator with autistic children. She shares with us the daily life of her profession and what drives her.