Managing change and expectations

Like any change, becoming aware of your need for a professional transition towards impact comes with its share of fears, even anxieties. Here you will find the resources to manage your expectations, understand and respect your needs, overcome your fears and not idealize your professional transition.

Take the time to settle down to rethink your relationship to work

You wonder about your professional life and you would like to have immediate answers... Bad news: the best starting point is not to rush, and to learn to settle down!

10 (false) good excuses not to quit your job

You feel like you should leave, but you can't make up your mind... Yes, yes, we're talking about your work! Between the restaurant tickets and the famous voice of reason that tells you anything, we help you to take your courage in both hands.

The "side project", to put glitter in your life

How to reconcile your current professional life with an entrepreneurial project next door? This is called the "side project", and we tell you everything in this article to get you started serenely!

Help, I can't take my bullshit job anymore but I'm not ready to give up!

You can't take your job anymore... but at the same time, you don't want to throw everything away. It does not matter, there are plenty of ways to find meaning and put this bullshit job in its place, without embarking on a professional retraining!

The day I quit

Do you hear that little voice telling you to drop everything? To take the sails? So, are you planning to quit? Claudia did, and she tells us about her decision, and what happened next. A testimony that can help you get started!

The best books to change your life

Are you tired of looping on BFM and Koh Lanta? Laura has put together a 100% good vibes playlist to guide you in your quest for meaning.