Management and operations

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Which management and operations professions have a positive impact?

Management and operations professions play a key role in the efficient management of companies. Operations managers oversee day-to-day activities, ensuring that processes and resources are optimized. General services professionals look after the logistics, facilities and material resources needed to keep the organization running smoothly. Founders launch new companies and define their vision. Strategy and partnership experts develop action plans and establish strategic collaborations. Right-hand men and women provide invaluable support to managers, helping them to make decisions and coordinate operations.

The ecological and social transition is also having an impact on management and operations professions. Professionals in these fields are increasingly integrating sustainability issues into their strategies and practices. For example, operations managers are adopting resource management initiatives to reduce energy and raw material consumption, as well as to minimize waste. General services professionals ensure that facilities meet environmental standards and encourage eco-responsible practices, such as waste management and the use of sustainable materials. Founders and strategy experts develop business models focused on the circular economy, renewable energies and positive social impact. Right-hand men and women support managers in their decisions to promote environmental and social responsibility. These developments testify to the growing importance of a sustainable and socially responsible approach in management and operations.