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Write a cover letter for an internship in 10 steps!

After the resume for work experience and the cover letter for students, here is a guide for writing a cover letter for an internship !

How to write a resume for a work-study program?

Along with the cover letter, the resume is essential for applying for a work-study position! How do you build it? What elements specific to work-study programs should be included? We tell you about it here !

How to write a cover letter for a work-study program ?

As with an internship or a first job, the cover letter is a prerequisite for applying for a work-study program. What are the particularities of this letter? Here are 10 steps to build a cover letter for a work-study program !

Training in facilitation to transform organizations from within

Changing paradigms within organizations to lead the ecological and social transition requires key skills. Facilitation is one of them! We explain this skill in detail and the existing trainings to develop it.

Understand the life of an ecovillage through immersion !

If you want to learn about democratic education, community living and communication in a group that interacts in shared governance, then come to Pourgues, for an internship or an immersive vacation with 30 ecovillagers !

How to write a cover letter? 10 key steps !

Along with your resume, you will probably need to send a cover letter. How do you create a personalized one that looks like you and attracts the recruiter? Here are our 10 tips to build it when you are a student.

10 steps to prepare for a job interview

Are you a student or a young graduate looking for an internship, a work-study program or a first job? The job interview is a key step in getting a job! Here are 10 recommendations, step by step, to prepare well and feel ready on D-day.

How to write a student resume from A to Z ?

In your job search, sooner or later you will have to send your resume and cover letter to apply! You don't know where to start? In this article, we talk about the resume and we detail step by step how to create a personalized one.

Thinking, working and undertaking in the territories with the training courses of the Institute of Tramayes

What if we started to work with our hands again? The Insitut de Tramayes accompanies students, young graduates and people in professional reconversion wishing to give meaning to their work, by soliciting both thought and work, to respond concretely to the real needs of the territories.

The sustainable transformation of companies, a challenge to be met!

The ecological and social transition is underway and organizations, regardless of their size and status, must transform themselves to keep up with this movement. Do you want to be a strategic actor of this transformation? Here are 9 CSR training courses!