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Writing a cover letter for a first job

If you're looking for your first job as an intern, fixed-term contract or permanent contract, and you don't have a lot of experience, here's our advice to help you stand out from the crowd !

How do I start a cover letter ?

The introduction is like a trailer: well done, it makes you want to know what happens next !

Impact employment: 3 pieces of good news this year !

To make a positive impact on the world around you this year, here's our boost with 3 pieces of good news to get you motivated !

Will eco-design save the world?

Spoiler alert: no, eco-design won't save the world, but it can contribute to it by drastically reducing the impact of the goods we consume.

How to write a cover letter: the ideal structure

While there's no magic formula for writing a cover letter that will make you 100% sure of landing an interview, there are a few rules, and here they are!

How to write a cover letter for a management controller

Would you like to work as a management controller in a positive-impact organization? Here are some examples of cover letters to give you the best chance of getting an interview.

How to write a cover letter for an HR work-study program

Want to do a work-study program in HR in a high-impact organization? Here are our tips for writing your cover letter

Sample cover letters for communications managers

Do you want to work in responsible communications? We'll give you the keys to a successful cover letter and interview!

Tips for writing an original cover letter

The cover letter is a classic job application, so how can you avoid being too classic in your letter ?

The layout of your cover letter

Once you've taken care of the content of your cover letter, it's time to work on its form. Let's talk page layout !