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The 10-step magic routine for a successful job search

In this article, we're about to share with you the best-kept secret of the century (no less!). And no, we're not talking about the planet-saving filter, the gift of tele-transportation or the elixir of immortality. The secret we're about to reveal is one that Einstein, Murakami, Maya Angelou, Steve Jobs and Keith Richards have always shared: the power of routine.

Waking up every day at 4am, taking a daily walk to clear your head, counting your 42 coffee beans before starting the day (granted, Beethoven is intense) or even drinking a shot of alcohol in the morning (we strongly advise against this Patricia Highsmith routine); the geniuses of the century all had an immutable agenda packed with well-hidden rituals.

However, in recent years, science has unearthed this routine common to the great scientists, artists and thinkers of our time, and has come to the realization that having daily rituals allows us to develop a much higher level of productivity and creativity. 

So why not take inspiration from this magical routine and turn your job search into a joyful, creative experiment to achieve the ultimate goal: landing the high-impact job of your dreams! Let go, grab hold of the Routine Genie and discover the 10 steps that will transform you.

1 - Set your goals

Job hunting is like preparing for a marathon. You set yourself a final objective: to land the ideal job. Then you determine a period of time in which to reach that goal, being ambitious if you like, but not over-ambitious. And to reach that goal, you'll identify a series of milestones. You're on the threshold of your great adventure, so treat yourself - you can dream! Imagine a job in a field you've always wanted but never dared to enter. In reality, anything is possible, as long as you follow every step of the way and stick to your rituals. For example, Murakami, who was a barman and had never done any sport, decided to run a marathon in a year. He started with 10 minutes of running a day in the most terrible pain (they promise you a goal, but not the easy one, Captain!), then from 10 minutes to 20 minutes, up to 10km a day and the marathon at the end of the year. The important thing for him was to keep a daily rhythm. Today, he's one of the world's best-known authors and one of the world's top 10 super-marathon runners.

2 - Sleep analysis

Now that you've written down your goals and the steps you need to take to achieve them, it's time to demystify the sleep of geniuses. No, a night of debauchery and partying followed by 3 hours of sleep never resulted in the publication of a Nobel Prize! A study on a sample of several renowned artists and scientists showed that they sleep an average of 8 hours a day in a row. Sleep is a precious and necessary commodity. Don't thank us, you can sleep easy! On the other hand, the most important thing about sleep is to know your own rhythm so you can adapt your schedule. All you have to do is take the test to find out your chronotype just here. Once you've shared the results, you'll be able to understand your circadian rhythm and create your own schedule for getting up, going to bed, creating, producing and napping!

3 - Organizing a typical schedule

Now that you know your circadian rhythm, it's time to organize a typical schedule. This is when your routine takes shape. Whether you're a dawn or a night owl, the important thing is to block off areas in your diary at the same time every day when you're productive and wide awake. For example, Flaubert worked from 9.30pm to 3am, while Maya Angelou started at dawn and stopped in the afternoon. The important thing is regularity. So, for example, to land your dream job, you can get up at the same time every day, block off 1 to 2 hours in your productivity zone and go to jobs_that_makesense to scour the new ads, write the best cover letter and apply for the jobs that make you dream. It's your job zone in your diary!

4 - Expand your network

We often think that geniuses are alone in their routines and don't see anyone. And yet! The network is fundamental to nourish their inspiration, confront their ideas and develop their emotions. For example, Charles Darwin had a daily slot of 1 hour to write to his friends, and Dickens 2 hours to socialize over dinner. In job hunting, it's exactly the same. It's essential to set aside a slot each day for meetings and exchanges. On the one hand, it's vital to be part of a group. Humans are social animals, and that's good for morale! And secondly, because making new acquaintances also multiplies your chances of finding a professional opportunity. Yes, networking is a gateway to your dream job. So, organize dinners and outings with friends, but also get out of your comfort zone and go to professional networking events in the field of your choice.

5 - Start volunteering

Giving your time to create a virtuous circle, doing good for the world and good for yourself is central to your job search. Becoming a volunteer in an association will enable you to develop your skills and spice up your CV by adding this experience in a high-impact sector that you'd like to join. But above all, it will enable you to develop your network by regularly rubbing shoulders with other volunteers during your missions. How about making this stone part of your routine? It could be 1 hour a week or 1 day a week. All you have to do is join the Transitions à Impact community by registering. on this website (it's free and without obligation) and select an assignment from among the 3,000 associations present and join the community of impact jobseekers just like you!

6 - Pitching yourself

This part is crucial! How do you tell the story of yourself, your experience, your pitch and your appeal? Just as Balzac practiced the art of oratory and the improvement of his texts in his gueuloir, we suggest you add a self-pitching slot to your routine. All you need to do is ask a friend or passer-by you pass in the street to pitch your career aspirations as if you were facing a recruiter. Daily practice will enable you to fluidify your speech and visualize your objective. If you're short of people to listen to you, I suggest the classic strategy: pitch in your shower, miked by your shower head!

7 - Daily physical activity

Physical activity is more important than you might think, especially when you're looking for a job. Keeping in impeccable physical shape feeds your brain and your self-confidence. You don't have to become an ultra-marathon runner like Murakami. Granted, 10km a day is quite a challenge. On the other hand, you can aim for a gentler, more everyday approach. For example, Le Corbusier practiced calisthenics every morning for 45 minutes. The important thing, as with any routine, is to stick to it every day. You'll probably hate us for the first week, but after a while you'll enjoy it so much you'll thank us!

8 - Daily walking

Time to activate your step counter! On a more serious note, the benefits of walking are all too little known. A recent Stanford University study showed that walking oxygenates the brain and duplicates our creativity. The benefits of co-walking, or walking in pairs, have also been demonstrated for resolving tense situations or brainstorming. Dany Laferrière walks several hours a day to find inspiration, as does Patty Smith. So set aside a time in your diary and plan a creative walk every day. If you want to do two in one, you can even take on a litter-picking challenge, which will allow you to walk in good company while doing good for the planet!

9 - The benefits of meditation

Like walking, sport, writing and art, meditation demonstrates its benefits through daily practice. Let's face it, job hunting can be a time of uncertainty and anxiety. This is perfectly normal. To remedy this, meditate for 10 minutes every day on getting up or going to bed, and after several days of practice, you'll be able to see the tension subside and put some rational distance on the situation. After 21 days of practice, they say you'll even be able to levitate!

10 - Living 

And finally, the last brick in this routine is to live! Because, yes, job hunting is scary, and you get a lot of external pressure as soon as you step out of line. Yet this period can be a springboard for you to land the job of your dreams, in which you can blossom to the full. But to do that, you need time to enjoy life to the full. So treat yourself, explore uncharted territory, have fun and listen to yourself. Life is good!

Now you've got all the ingredients you need to create your magic routine and land your dream job. Don't hesitate to share your routine with us, and if you've fallen in love with routines with this article, we invite you to listen to this podcast to follow the implementation of a well-honed routine!

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