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Writing a cover letter without experience

Experience, experience... Do you feel that if you don't have enough of it, you won't be able to apply for the job of your dreams? Do you feel that you don't meet the hiring criteria? Well, we'd like to say, go for it anyway! On a misunderstanding, it can work out! And to make sure it's not all a misunderstanding after all, here's some advice on how best to connect the wagons between you and the organization you're applying for. If you're interested in the vacancy, there's probably good reason for you to apply! Here are 3 questions you can ask yourself to help you come up with a cover letter.

Why are you interested in this job?

You've just read a job advertisement and the position really appeals to you? But you don't have the required experience? Maybe you should start by explaining in your cover letter why the job interests you. Is it the product or service being sold that appeals to you? Why or why not? Perhaps you've read some attractive news about the organization's culture? How does this culture match your ideal of corporate life? Are your vision and that of the manager similar? Would fulfilling the job's mission allow you to grow and achieve your career goals? Any reason is a good reason to apply, as long as it's yours and therefore... SIN-CERES!

Example: "Wishing to join an organization in which I could blossom creatively, I saw in your job offer the possibility of achieving this, when you indicate that you are looking for an entrepreneurial profile not afraid to shake up codes!"

What is your relationship with the organization?

Especially if you're applying spontaneously, creating relevant links with the organization will help you stand out from the crowd. Did you attend a conference where you met a member of the team? Are you a customer? Do you follow their social networks and news? Have you met or chatted with a team member on LinkedIn? Will joining the company's industry help you advance your career? Try to identify all the little things that link you to the organization. You can then mention them in your cover letter, as shown here: 

Example: "Reading the latest LinkedIn post by [Name of a member of the organization], I completely recognized myself.e in the projects that [Name of the company] will be setting up next year. I'd like to put my skills in waste recovery to good use in a strategy like yours, to reduce the environmental impact of the construction sector." I'm looking forward to working with you.

What are your strengths in relation to the job?

You should also focus on your strengths, skills, knowledge and personality, to highlight what matches the qualities and skills sought in the job offer. i And if you find that the experience you have in your pocket seems too light in relation to the expectations of the job offer... Give it a try anyway! Recruiters often draw up a job description portraying the perfect candidate. But do they really exist? Whatever their experience, it's rare for applicants to be a carbon copy of the position to be filled. So if you focus on your strengths in relation to some of the organization's priority criteria, you've got a good chance! In your opinion, is it the candidate's personality that will be of most interest? Is the organization looking for someone who will fit in with the rest of the team? Is it only technical skills that are required? Sometimes, the company may be in the position of wanting to train candidates on the technical side, and instead prioritize the feeling with a person. You can then illustrate with examples your skills, soft skills and personality traits that match what they're looking for.

Example: "Curious about everything and everyone, I ask a lot of questions and make connections easily. I also like to sell and I'm good at it, as my latest experience in the field shows, since I managed to increase sales by 10% over the same period last year, during my 6-month internship. A sales position in a high-impact structure like yours is what I'm looking for, in the sense that I'll be able to meet a lot of people, while selling a useful service to meet the need to improve working conditions for Ehpad staff".

Add some information to your letter


If you don't have a lot of experience, you can add information to your curriculum vitae, such as the associative or sporting activities you take part in, and highlight your soft skills.

Other attachments

You can attach a letter of recommendation from a teacher or previous employer, for example, to your cover letter.

5 tips for writing a good letter!

With or without experience, there are a few important rules to keep in mind when writing a letter! If you don't have a lot of experience, the recruiter is more likely to scrutinize these details... 🧐

¶    Make 3 or 4 paragraphs max 

A 🇦  Choose a legible typeface (Examples: Times New Roman, Calibri, Raleway)

👁️‍🗨️ Reread your letter to avoid mistakes 

👋 End the letter with a polite greeting

📩  Upload attachments (resume and cover letter) in pdf format

Sample cover letter with no experience

In this sample cover letter, the candidate's target position is an engineer, with little professional experience.

Last name First name




Name of person recruiting



Signed in..., on...

Subject: Application for the position of [Job Title] at [Company Name].

Dear Sir/Madam,

As a holder of an engineering degree in [Specialization] from [Company name], I would like to apply for the position of [Job title] with your company, which is renowned for its industrial waste recycling activities. Attracted by the prospect of contributing to sustainable solutions for our environment, I am convinced that my technical qualifications and enthusiasm are in line with the values and objectives of [Company name].

Although I haven't yet had the opportunity to gain formal work experience, my engineering training has enabled me to develop a solid technical knowledge base, as well as the ability to solve complex problems methodically and creatively. My academic career has also emphasized the importance of sustainable development and environmental responsibility, fundamental aspects of the industrial waste recycling sector.

During my studies, I had the opportunity to work on several projects that enabled me to put into practice my problem-solving, data analysis and modeling skills. I also developed a sensitivity to environmental issues and an ability to collaborate effectively within multidisciplinary teams. These experiences have taught me to adapt quickly, learn new skills and communicate clearly and concisely.

By joining your company, I am enthusiastic about bringing my passion for sustainable development and my desire to contribute to concrete solutions for minimizing the environmental impact of industrial waste. I'm convinced that waste recycling is a constantly evolving field, and I'm ready to invest the time and effort necessary to develop my skills and become a competent professional in this field.

I would like the opportunity to discuss in more detail my motivation and ability to contribute to your team. I would be happy to arrange an interview at your convenience.

Thank you for your attention to my application. Yours sincerely

Best regards,

[Handwritten signature (if letter is printed)].

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