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Writing a resume for a student job.

Are you looking for a student job while you are studying or during the school vacations? Here's a guide to building your resume for your student job search !

Better communication for better engagement.

To get on board, whether you are a project manager, a consultant or a transition manager, a strong lever for action is to master public speaking !

"Working effectively in a group setting can be learned!"

We all know that meeting or that project that doesn't lead to anything because of bad communication or lack of support from the management... It is through collective intelligence methods that Worklab brings solutions for more impact in organizations !

The place of interests in the resume

Among the headings on your resume, you can include one to present your interests. They can tell a lot about you and attract the attention of recruiters !

What are the professional alternatives when you want to leave everything for the countryside? 

Ah, the call of the countryside, the wide open spaces, the birds, ... Is it a real life project or a passing fancy? To find out, discover the advice of Perrine LHote, from the organization Hisse & Haut

Leaving... without quitting

Your decision is made: you can't continue in your current job. Are you ready to put your application in? Not so fast, François Roche, from MyWay Out, has a better idea for you.

What soft skills to put in your resume ?

In addition to technical skills, recruiters are interested in soft skills! Here are many examples of soft skills, to select for your resume according to your profile.

Without professional experience, what to put in your resume ?

You don't have any professional experience? No worries, there are other ways to showcase your skills on your resume!

Facilitating collective intelligence in organizations.

Alone we go faster, together we go further! This is the motto of Charles, co-founder of a training organization in collective intelligence. Discover these tools that awaken individual potential and facilitate cooperation.

5 necessary steps to find an impact job

Want to make a career transition but don't know where to start? Marine, from Join Indigo School, gives you 5 practical tips to get you started.