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Marie, future engineer - "I wanted to mix hard sciences and social sciences."

To be an engineer of the future, you need a specific orientation during your studies. Marie tells us all about it!

Ingénieurs : mieux que la bifurcation, le choix !

On parle beaucoup de bifurcation ou de désertion des ingénieurs. Mais d'autres choix sont possibles. C'est ce qu'explore Laurent Polet, de Primaveras, dans cet article

Florent Haffner, ingé d'avenir - "Human, engineer, anthropocene."

Florent, ingé d'avenir, has left his #engineer #solutionist #optimist hat, to become... human again !

Arthur Auboeuf, decarbonizing society without forgetting to be happy

"Work is the number 1 lever for transforming the world" - Arthur Auboeuf

Decarbonizing buildings: "300,000 people need to be trained in energy renovation by 2030".

Anthony Grassi, from La Solive, talks about the challenges facing the construction industry.

How can we change the world of mobility to make it compatible with an ecological society?

Transport accounts for 30% of GHG emissions in France. Clément Moreux, from Padam Mobility, presents the job opportunities that are transforming the mobility sector.

Olivier Lefebvre - Bifurcating engineer, questioning the reasons for not bifurcating.

A former engineer, Olivier Lefebvre has branched out and is the author of a book: "Lettre aux ingénieurs qui doutent."

Ingés d'Avenir - "A multitude of choices. What's the best one to make?"- Bastien

Choosing a career with a passion or one that makes sense? Bastien, an engineer, had to reshuffle the deck !

Ingés d'Avenir : Louis, from AI to the farm

As part of our Ingés d'Avenir campaign, we are highlighting portraits of inspiring engineers who have decided to make a commitment to ecological and social transition.

Girl Go Green - The story of a former matrixed of the system

Ever heard of Girl Go Green? A green transition influencer, she talks to us about her pre-launch journey on Instagram !