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Dive into the world of recruitment where finding the perfect talent aligns with making a real difference. Forget dusty resumes and transactional interviews – here, you'll unveil cutting-edge strategies to attract, engage, and hire candidates who share your passion for positive impact.

4-day week: why do we need a national pilot in France?

Everyone's talking about the 4-day week, but what about taking action? Philippe du Payrat presents the first pilot in France

Creating links in a hybrid telework/classroom environment

How do you build employee loyalty in a hybrid environment? Perrine Lhote, from Hisse&Haut, gives us 5 tips on how.

Welcoming exiled people to my company: why and how?

Noémie Paté shares concrete advice on how to welcome and integrate migrants into the workplace.

Guide to implementing the 4-day week

Thinking about the 4-day week? Here's the summary of our latest webinar!

Paumé-e-s - 6 reasons why employees take a skills assessment

Why do so many people take skills assessments? Here are 6 reasons, explained by two experts in the field.

MBTI - A tool for better understanding yourself in the workplace

3 tips for using the MBTI assessment tool in the workplace

4-day week - Laurent de la Clergerie's advice on how to implement it

Questioning the 4-day week? Here's the inspiring story of a manager who dared !

Transparent remuneration and salary grids: fact or fiction ?

Were you unable to attend the February 7 webinar on the transposition of salary compensation? Here's the report !

HR - Recruiters' guide to gen Z

How do you recruit Gen Z? Sociologist Elizabeth Soulié gives you her advice.

5 tips for recruiting interns

It's hard to recruit interns! Anne-Cécile shares her little secrets with you, to make sure you don't fail!