Recruiter Guide
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How to recruit well?

The €100,000 question: how do I make sure I'm hiring the right person? We don't have a magic formula, but rather a good dose of ingredients to guide you in your recruitment.

Recruitment Assessment Grid: Tips and Templates

A successful recruitment requires a well-designed application analysis grid. It's a good thing, we give you some models and advices in this article.

How to conduct a recruitment interview?

The recruitment interview is a key moment in the recruitment process. It is important to prepare well and to take notes in order to be able to decide between the different candidates.

How to build a salary grid?

8 out of 10 French people are in favor of salary transparency. To meet the expectations of candidates, it is important to build a salary grid for your organization.

Shared governance - the example of makesense

Social responsibility also means rethinking the rules of governance. At makesense, we have been experimenting with the Opale model, inspired by the work of Frédérique Laloux.

6 tools to select candidates

You've posted your ad and the good news is that you have plenty of candidates! But how do you select them? We give you some useful tools to make the right choice.

New employee integration plan

We often think that recruitment stops at the signing of the promise to hire. This is not true: everything also depends on the onboarding of your new recruit.

14 methods to select a candidate 

Recruiting is always expensive: whether it's in time spent or in money invested to find THE nugget. If there is no miracle recipe, here are some tips to select a candidate.

Transparency: a recruitment lever

Mirror, my beautiful mirror... tell me who is the most transparent? We are not offering you an invisibility cloak, but a few tips to make your commitments an asset for your employer brand.

10 tips to recruit effectively

You think you know everything about the recruitment process. Hmm, are you sure? Simon gives you 10 tips to put the odds on your side.