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What is the Shift Your Job label?

Do you know the Shift Project, Jean-Marc Jancovici's think tank? Let us introduce you to Shift Your Job, an initiative of the Shifters to identify companies that contribute to the carbon transition.

Become a responsible catering player

You are sick about these tons of wasted food? So is Laurent. But he prefers to look at the sky than the sidewalk, so he shared this text full of optimism to take action.

Do you have to retrain to find an impact job?

To you who think that an impact job necessarily involves leaving everything behind. Take the time to read this article from the founder of Primaveras to ask yourself the right questions before branching out.

Noémie, Cécile and Elena (ICP): get involved whatever your profile

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a journalist or even a specialized educator, you can get involved and train yourself in this changing world. Find out how.

Valérie Brunel, Kairos - for a socio-ecological redirection

Sociologist and clinician, Valérie created Kairos to make coaching and therapy co-exist with human and social sciences. She tells us more in this interview.

Agriculture of tomorrow, what transitions?

What are the challenges of the agricultural transition? What are the steps to get started in your project? Pauline, from the Tremplin d'Hectar program, tells us all about it

Think, work and undertake for rurality and the world

Do you want to dump everything and thirst for concrete utility? Valentin presents the Institute of Tramayes, which combines human and social sciences, management and learning a manual trade.

The 4 ways to become a CSR director

Do you also dream of being Chief Impact Officer, like Prince Harry? Don't worry, Pierre from EcoLearn explains how to become a CSR director without having blue blood

How to make your job a green job?

Do you want to get involved but not necessarily change clubs? Marine Faibis, founder of the Indigo school, gives us her advice on greening her work.

Volunteering to promote your professional integration in the impact

Do you feel like you lack the skills and network to work on impact? Clément, from Ma Petite PlanÚte, explains how volunteering can be the solution!