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Which real estate and architecture professions have a positive impact?

The real estate and architecture professions play a key role in the design, construction and management of built spaces. Architects design functional and aesthetic structures and spaces, while energy renovation project managers oversee renovation work to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. Property managers handle the day-to-day management of properties, while construction managers oversee the coordination and execution of construction projects. Building resources technicians contribute to the reuse and recycling of building materials.

In the context of ecological and social transition, real estate and architecture professions are evolving to incorporate sustainable and responsible practices. Architects and energy renovation project managers are increasingly focusing on the design and renovation of low-energy buildings, using eco-friendly materials and integrating renewable energy systems. For example, positive-energy buildings, which produce more energy than they consume, are gaining in popularity. Property managers are adopting sustainable management strategies, such as recycling practices and water and energy management. Construction managers are integrating sustainability measures into construction processes, promoting the use of recycled materials and optimization of resources.

The real estate and architecture professions are also evolving in social terms. Professionals in these fields are increasingly aware of the importance of designing inclusive, accessible spaces that promote well-being and social equity. For example, participatory urban planning initiatives enable communities to get involved in the design and management of public spaces.

These developments testify to the growing importance of a sustainable and socially responsible approach in the real estate and architecture industry. Professionals in this sector play a key role in constructing buildings and spaces that meet the challenges of ecological and social transition, creating sustainable, healthy and inclusive environments for individuals and communities.

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