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Olivier Lefebvre - Bifurcating engineer, questioning the reasons for not bifurcating.

A former engineer, Olivier Lefebvre has branched out and is the author of a book: "Lettre aux ingénieurs qui doutent."

Ingés d'Avenir - "A multitude of choices. What's the best one to make?"- Bastien

Choosing a career with a passion or one that makes sense? Bastien, an engineer, had to reshuffle the deck !

Ingés d'Avenir : Louis, from AI to the farm

As part of our Ingés d'Avenir campaign, we are highlighting portraits of inspiring engineers who have decided to make a commitment to ecological and social transition.

Girl Go Green - The story of a former matrixed of the system

Ever heard of Girl Go Green? A green transition influencer, she talks to us about her pre-launch journey on Instagram !

Creating the ideal framework for thinking about career change

Ready to reinvent your career? Discover the secrets of a successful career change with Nadège Gomila from Bloomencia.

5 tips for recruiting interns

It's hard to recruit interns! Anne-Cécile shares her little secrets with you, to make sure you don't fail!

5 tips for meeting committed people (and making a success of your professional transition)

Talking to people who share the same causes is key, but how do you go about it? Discover the communities to join

The 10-step magic routine for a successful job search

You probably have a morning routine, that moment when you take care of yourself to start the day off right. Laureline unveils the world-exclusive job-search routine!

Writing a cover letter without experience

Do you have little or no professional experience? We'll help you find your strengths to write your cover letter !

Writing a cover letter for a first job

If you're looking for your first job as an intern, fixed-term contract or permanent contract, and you don't have a lot of experience, here's our advice to help you stand out from the crowd !