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Meaning at work: Fantasies, burnout and retraining

Do you also find that we lack REALLY useful advice when looking for a job that makes sense? Are you tired of Ikigai or hearing that you have to drop everything to find meaning?

14 methods to select a candidate 

Recruiting is always expensive: whether it's in time spent or in money invested to find THE nugget. If there is no miracle recipe, here are some tips to select a candidate.

Transparency: a recruitment lever

Mirror, my beautiful mirror... tell me who is the most transparent? We are not offering you an invisibility cloak, but a few tips to make your commitments an asset for your employer brand.

What job to do when you love nothing?

"What am I going to do with my life? I don't want anything..." If these words from Starmania resonate in you like the neon lights of the night, here is an article to read urgently!

Do you have to retrain to find an impact job?

To you who think that an impact job necessarily involves leaving everything behind. Take the time to read this article from the founder of Primaveras to ask yourself the right questions before branching out.

10 tips to recruit effectively

You think you know everything about the recruitment process. Hmm, are you sure? Simon gives you 10 tips to put the odds on your side.

I don't know what to do for a job

The anxiety of the blank page, you know? Ah, are you even an expert? Don't panic, we've put together a little guide to inspire you and find THE job that suits you.

How to make a job description?

You learned to ride a bike, to write, and to make a good apple pie, well it's the same with job descriptions: writing a good job description can be learned!

10 tips for finding your way to impact

There is no magic formula, but tips for orientation, yes! Come on, you've got 10, it's a gift!

Noémie, Cécile and Elena (ICP): get involved whatever your profile

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a journalist or even a specialized educator, you can get involved and train yourself in this changing world. Find out how.