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Professional retraining: who can support me?

When you embark on a professional retraining, it is sometimes difficult to know which door to knock on. Here we give you some advice to help you.

Professional retraining: craftsmanship and "doing" jobs

You are fed up with your job behind a desk, and tempted by a craft job? Before you start, we advise you to test, for example with a short training. This is what Make Ici offers, presented to us by Xavier Modin.

Hélène de Vestele (Edeni): "Ikigai is a useful tool for introspection"

Far from being a fixed tool, the Ikigai can evolve over time. Edeni integrates this tool in the introduction of 2 of its programs. Hélène, its founder, tells us more.

How to make a CV for a professional retraining in the impact?

Whether you are looking for your first job or in professional retraining, we give you all the keys for an impact-oriented CV!

Recruit in a more inclusive way thanks to soft-skills

To limit recruitment bias, soft skills can be a good element to take into account. We summarize the training we did with Atelier 1 on the subject.

Make a professional retraining with a Bac+5

If you think that Bac+5 and impact profession are incompatible, you should take a look at this article without delay!

Where to get information for a professional retraining in the impact?

We help you to see more clearly in all the organizations, aids, advice that exist to calmly succeed in your professional retraining.

I do not have the Bac, what are my options for a professional retraining?

You started working early, without the baccalaureate, and now you would like to change jobs? We give you several avenues to explore for a professional retraining without the baccalaureate.

How to find professional retraining ideas?

Do you feel like you want to change but you don't really know what? We help you find ideas that make sense in this article.

Seeking IKIGAI

Have you always dreamed of getting paid to do what you love? But are you really good at it, and is it really what the world needs? If you can answer yes to all of these questions, congratulations! You have found your Ikigai. If not, read this article urgently!