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Paumé-e-s - 6 reasons why employees take a skills assessment

Why do so many people take skills assessments? Here are 6 reasons, explained by two experts in the field.

MBTI - A tool for better understanding yourself in the workplace

3 tips for using the MBTI assessment tool in the workplace

4-day week - Laurent de la Clergerie's advice on how to implement it

Questioning the 4-day week? Here's the inspiring story of a manager who dared !

L’institut de Tramayes, un tiers-lieu en construction - Témoignage du Maire de Tramayes

A tous les Paumé.e.s, un centre formation supérieur en milieu rural a ouvert ses portes cette année ! Découvrez le projet !

Transparent remuneration and salary grids: fact or fiction ?

Were you unable to attend the February 7 webinar on the transposition of salary compensation? Here's the report !

Generation Z - How to enter the world of work and feel good about it ?

Sociologist Elizabeth Soulié's advice on how to feel good at work.

HR - Recruiters' guide to gen Z

How do you recruit Gen Z? Sociologist Elizabeth Soulié gives you her advice.

The Institut de Tramayes from the inside? - What they say.

Two moms talk about the Institut de Tramayes !

Eco-anxiety, a lever for your professional transition?

2.5 million eco-anxious people in France - that's a lot! Pierre-Eric Sutter, a psychologist specializing in the subject, tells us all about it.

Working in a responsible digital environment, to reduce the impact of digital technology

Digital emissions continue to grow as the number of uses increases. It's time to make the switch to responsible digital! The Isia Group tells us all