Recruiter Guide
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How to make a job description?

You learned to ride a bike, to write, and to make a good apple pie, well it's the same with job descriptions: writing a good job description can be learned!

What are the salary scales for work-study programs?

Do you want to recruit a work-study student, but don't know what the legal framework for salary is? We tell you everything in this article.

4 Impact job templates

Is a job offer for a positive impact project different from a traditional offer? We give you some examples of job offers to help you.

13 tips for writing a job offer

The anguish of the blank page. You want to recruit, but when it comes time to write the job offer, you're stuck. We give you some advice for an effective announcement.

8 steps to select candidates

How can you be sure to choose the right candidates for your job offer? Here are some tips to help you make the most of your chances.

The employer brand: what is it? What's the point ?

We hear about it everywhere in the world of recruitment: you have to work on your employer brand. But what is it exactly? And how to work it?

How many interviews should I conduct for a position?

Spoiler alert: it's not about the quantity. That said, there are rules to follow regarding the recommended number of interviews depending on the position.

How to properly write a promise to hire?

You're there. You've found the perfect candidate and are about to hire him or her. To avoid disappointment, follow these tips for writing the promise to hire.

How to develop your employer brand?

To recruit, a company must imperatively adopt a differentiating and impactful employer brand. Here are some tips to develop your employer brand in complete transparency.

Introduction email for a new employee

In order to successfully integrate your new recruit, it is important to quickly introduce him/her to the terms and conditions of his/her new position. We give you examples of presentation mail.