Roles and missions of the sustainable development project manager

The sustainability project manager is responsible for implementing sustainability projects to achieve an organization's objectives.

The main roles and missions of a sustainable development project manager are as follows

  • Plan and oversee project activities according to deadlines and budgets.
  • Develop a sustainability strategy and economic and environmental plans to achieve the organization's goals.
  • Ensure that actions and interventions comply with applicable standards and regulations.
  • Identify and analyze environmental and social risks and find solutions to minimize these risks.
  • Manage and control the project budget.
  • Actively participate in the implementation and improvement of environmental and sustainability management systems.
  • Coordinate the activities of the various stakeholders involved in the project.
  • Facilitate workshops and training sessions on sustainable development.
  • Write reports on performance and results achieved.
  • Propose innovative initiatives to promote sustainable development in the organization and in society.

The sustainability project manager plays a key role in promoting a sustainable vision for the development of the organization and society. The tools and methods that he/she implements are essential to guarantee the sustainability and effectiveness of projects focused on sustainable development.

Salary and career development of a sustainable development project manager

The salary of a sustainability project manager depends on his/her level of experience and skills. In France, the gross annual salary of a sustainable development project manager can vary according to the years of experience:

  • 0 to 2 years: between €27,000 and €33,000
  • 2 to 5 years: between 34 000 and 40 000€.
  • 5 to 10 years: between 42 000 and 50 000€.
  • 10 to 15 years: between 52 000 and 64 000€.
  • More than 15 years: between 70 000 and 90 000€.

In terms of career development prospects, sustainable development project managers can progress to positions such as

  • Sustainable development manager
  • Project Director
  • Sustainable development project manager
  • Sustainable development consultant
  • Sustainable development expert.

Advantages and disadvantages of the sustainable development project manager's job

  • Save resources and materials by developing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.
  • Develop projects that contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.
  • Learn to manage a wide variety of environmentally related projects.
  • A chance to work with people and organizations around the world to find solutions to environmental problems.
  • An opportunity to participate in advocacy and outreach activities to promote sustainable practices.
  • May face resistance when implementing sustainable and green solutions.
  • Projects may take time to come to fruition, which can be frustrating.
  • Sustainable solutions can be more expensive to implement.
  • Projects can be difficult to manage and track.
  • May face challenges in recruiting and retaining qualified staff for projects.

The latest job offers of sustainable development project manager

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