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5 books and 5 podcasts to learn more about the ecological transition

For this summer, here are some inspiring books and podcasts on the ecological transition taking place all over France. Enough to make you want to join the movement !

Summer quiz - Who are you ?

This summer, with your feet in the sand... Wouldn't you like to know where you stand on the road to change? Find out in 10 questions ;)

Exploring other ways of organizing companies

Can we change the world without changing organizations? Find out in this article about new, more democratic ways of working in companies.

Talking about ecology "without feeling judged" - The Week experience.

The Week, the collective experience to tackle the subject of all subjects: ecology, and remind us of the immense power we each have in our hands! They're talking about it...

Reconnecting with nature

Interacting with the living world since she was a little girl, Fantine always knew she would make it her profession. Today, she accompanies those who wish to make it theirs !

Understanding the challenges of the ecological transition.

Are you concerned by ecological issues and want to learn how to take action on your own scale ? There are many ways to get your foot in the door and take action !

What to put in a cover letter ?

Paragraph by paragraph, here's a complete rundown of the ingredients of a good cover letter !

Jeunes diplômés en quête de sens : comment résister à la pression des parents ? 

This article offers advice on how to resist the pressures and find a job that makes sense for young graduates.

Is signing your cover letter old-fashioned ?

Should I sign? Do I not sign? Should I sign? Here's a list of arguments to help you decide whether or not to sign your cover letter.

Get (back) in motion during your job search

Isolation, family and friends, loss of confidence... Claire tells us about the doubts that punctuated her job search and how the Activ'Action workshops helped her overcome them.