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Introduction email for a new employee

You have your new recruit! To welcome him/her in good conditions, you still have a few steps to take as a recruiter. Prepare documents, tools needed on the workstation, launch an internal communication facilitating the integration in the team... These are all things to anticipate to better integrate your newcomer the first days. Before he/she joins your organization for his/her trial period, you can send him/her an email presenting the terms and conditions of his/her new job. What to put in this email? How to build it? How to adapt it to each profile? To inspire you, here are a few tips and examples for writing it!

Why write an introductory email? 

Following the recruitment of a new employee, writing an introductory email a few days before his or her arrival facilitates the integration and the onboarding process that follows. 

To be more precise, this email is used to :

  • review the documents that need to be completed, signed and sent (internship agreement, employment contract, etc.)
  • give the employee all the practical information needed to facilitate his or her integration (e-mail, password, computer, etc.) 
  • present in a few words the welcome and integration process for new employees ("here's how your first day with us will go...") so that the person knows where they are going!
  • create a sense of belonging from the start
  • reassure the employee that his or her arrival is anticipated and organized
  • optimize the integration and onboarding process for the recruiter

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Mail from the HR advisor to the new employee 

At makesense, the integration of new employees is handled by an HR advisor. This person writes the introduction email.

#1 At makesense, we introduce it like this:

Subject: Welcome to makesense!

Body of the mail

Hello [First name of newcomer].

I hope you're doing well!

A little info for your arrival 🙂

#2 We recap the key information:

We remind you of the missions, the starting date, the salary...

→ Your position: Job title in [Type of contract].

→ Your missions: 

  • Mission 1
  • Mission 2
  • Mission 3
  • ...

As you know, at makesense your job evolves according to your desires and the needs you identify as priorities. These initial assignments will evolve with you.

→ Your team : Team name

→ For new employees on a fixed-term or permanent contract...

  • Starting date of the contract
  • Starting salary: Amount of salary € gross per year (corresponding to the level of autonomy / Level of contribution*).

👉 How do you evaluate the entry-level salary? Learn more about our salary tool article

→ For newcomers on an internship or work-study program

  • Dates : From Start date to End date
  • Gratification : Amount of the gratification€ gross monthly

👉 Learn more about work-study program salary

#3 An update on other benefits 

For each contract, we also specify which benefits are additional to the salary

→ On permanent or fixed-term contracts

  • 33 days of paid vacation (with a pragmatic vacation policy) plus 2 days of RTT to reach a total of 218 days worked,
  • Alan mutual insurance company (100% coverage)

→ In training

1 day of authorized absence per month of internship

→ In work-study

  • 33 days of paid vacation (with an unlimited vacation policy)
  • Ticket restaurants (76 euros per month on a swile card),
  • Reimbursement of transport tickets (fixed price of 40€/month),
  • Telecommuting without concern but to agree with your team, you will see we are very flexible.

#4 And on the employment contract

→ CDI/CDD version

Your contract: It's in the works. You'll get it soon, we're using the eversign electronic signature software 😉

→ Internship/Internship versionSome elements to create your agreement:

Host structure : Legal structure

SIREN : Siren

Head office address : Head office address

Legal representative : Legal representative

Contacts info legal representative : mail // phone

Tutor : Tutor name

Contacts info tutor : mail // phone


Contract signature : You send us your agreement as soon as your school sends it to you 😉.

#5 And some practical information to prepare for the first day 

URGENT: Could you please fill in this onboarding questionnaire to make your arrival in the team official?

Your pro mail that you can use from now on : // mdp : password --> to change 😉.

Slack : When you arrive, you can directly create an account on slack with your makesense email address

Your computer : I will order you a computer

Back to school 🙂 : Meet at makesense, at [Time], on [Date of onboarding], at [your address]

Your referrers:

  • Your HR referent to accompany you throughout the adventure: it's me 🙂
  • Your operational referent, to help you develop your skills and accompany you on your daily missions: it's Name of the operational referent!

Onboarding: I will be there to accompany you all day and answer all your questions! We also have an automated onboarding (named Axel). When you log into Slack, this little bot will come and talk to you and gradually share the information you need to understand makesense.

I think it's all good! If you have any question, don't hesitate.

We can't wait,

Your HR liaison.

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And after the email? 

A few days after the email is sent, it's usually time for your new hire to join your team. The arrival of a new person in an unfamiliar work environment can be difficult at first. This is why it is important to integrate newcomers with an onboarding.

Here are some actions to take in your integration process:

  • provide a welcome booklet, reading material, an organization chart, to help the new recruit understand how the company works.
  • Present your organization, your values, your culture to help them get used to and project themselves into their professional life with you.
  • plan meetings to integrate them into the team. You can reserve "coffee with xxx" slots in the diaries.
  • Have regular check-ins during the first days, weeks and months to get feedback on the integration experience and also to improve the integration of future newcomers.

To welcome a new person, taking integration issues seriously also means taking care of your employer brand. Don't forget that an employee who is disappointed with his or her induction can speak negatively about you to the outside world!

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