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Make a professional retraining with a Bac+5

What to do with my BAC+5 and my desire to have a job with an impact?

Do you have a BAC+5, a lot of strings to your bow and the desire to retrain in an impact profession? Not sure how you could leverage your current knowledge and skills into impact? Are you wondering what the existing professions are and if these professions can correspond to you? Don't worry, there are more and more skills that can be transferred from one professional activity to another. The achievements of your initial training and your first professional experiences can be useful for your conversion to an impact profession. There are also systems put in place by the Ministry of Labor to help you get through a professional transition in this direction. Vocational training organizations can guide you in your thinking, support you in taking action, or even provide you with the specific skills you would like to develop to have an impact in your current job or in the next one. We present here examples of impact professions possible after a BAC + 5, accessible training to capitalize on your acquired professional experience and / or develop soft skills or technical skills in the field of impact.


Examples of jobs with impact after a BAC + 5

As for a classic professional retraining, if you wish to retrain in impact, several options are available to you: you can keep the same profession and choose to put your skills to the benefit of an impact company or change profession in changing company or not. Here are examples of impact jobs after a BAC + 5:

Business Developer

For a brand like Verts Moutons, which offers an alternative to plastic bottles by selling ceramic beads to filter water.

👉 See business developer offers

Operations manager

For Vesto delivers, which equips restaurants with refurbished equipment.

👉 See operations manager offers

Communication manager

At La Koncepterie, which organizes responsible events.

👉 See marketing / communication offers

Lead Full Stack Developer

For a responsible tourism company like We Go GreenR

👉 See developer offers

Energy efficiency engineer

For a start-up like eGreen, specialized in reducing the environmental footprint of its customers.

👉 See project & product management offers 

Human resources manager

For Au Bout Du Champ, a player in the local short circuit

👉 See human resources offers

Follow a training course to strengthen your profile after a BAC +5

On the job offer platform of jobs_that_makesense, you can find the different trades mentioned above, the skills required by employers for these trades and also the existing continuing education if you opt for the development of specialized skills in the industry. impact to enrich your profile.


Program to initiate professional development towards impact

As part of continuing education, there are organizations offering training to begin retraining, such as skills assessments. Undertaking an assessment can be a good starting point when you want to retrain after a BAC+5 to take stock of your career, learn to value your acquired experience and define your professional project.

👉 Further informations about skills assessments


Program to integrate the skills needed to understand ecological and social issues

To understand current expectations, postures, environmental and social issues and integrate them into your future impact profession, there are also dedicated programs to support you on an individual and collective level. They allow you to develop new skills and your network in this area. They open the doors to a multitude of opportunities.

On job_that_makesense, on the job offers, you have access to training suggestions at the end of the offer to develop your understanding of the field of impact and support your application for the position that interests you.


To develop professional skills around CSR

To integrate the CSR strategy into your job or learn to manage responsibly, there are also certified training courses on jobs_that_makesense. If you are working, some can be taken online, others in evening classes.

👉learn more about environmental training programs


Seek technical training for further training in a specific trade.

On jobs_that_makesense, if you are interested in the profession of Energy Efficiency Engineer for example, the qualifying training of the Joist to undertake a professionalization in energy renovation is offered to you at the bottom of the job offer.

You can also aim for a professional diploma such as BEP, CAP (Certificate of Professional Aptitude).


How can I train for the impact before entering the job market?

Are you a student and your diploma is not related to the ecological and social transition? Whatever your course, you can now acquire qualifications to guide your professional integration in this field, by joining an impact company as an intern or on a work-study program.

👉 Find interneship and work-study offers

 👉 Here are also 5 apprenticeship training courses in higher school: Bachelor Act, Green Management School, Sup’de Com, Ecopia, l’Ihedrea.


Changing jobs without going through training

If you want to retrain in an impact profession with the level of qualification you currently have, without specifically undertaking training, you can explore companies in your sector or close to your current profession on the jobs platform, in the process of inter-company skills transfer.

You can also opt for the VAE system: Validation of Acquired Experience and obtain professional certification by aiming for a particular professional title, without going through the training box. To find out about state-recognized certifications:

👉 Look at the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP) which lists all the training diplomas of organizations that have received authorization to train.

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