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7 resume ideas

Whether you are a student, a recent graduate, looking for a new opportunity on the job market, or looking for a career change, whatever your profile, writing a resume is an essential part of your job search. However, among the applications sent to recruiters, how can you create a resume that brings together your professional experience and your qualifications that will make you stand out from the crowd? Here is an example of a typical resume for different professional situations !

Simple resume idea

Do you need to write a sober resume to apply for a job offer or send an unsolicited application? To find a job in certain positions where rigor is required, such as accountant, management controller or for the writing of an engineer resume, it is better to bet on sobriety to get an interview;

👉 Here's a simple resume example

Student resume idea

Are you looking for an internship, a student job or your first job? If you don't have much experience to mention, you can opt for a minimalist format. You can also expand on the other sections of your resume: academic background, interests and skills!

👉Here's a sample minimalist student resume

Resume idea with interests

Are you just starting out in your professional life and have little professional experience but plenty of other strings to your bow? Do your interests bring you skills that could be appreciated in your future position? Then don't hesitate to talk about it!

Have you been rowing competitively for 12 years? Do you regularly put on theater shows and speak on stage? Have you been playing chess for 3 years, developing your analytical skills, making strategic decisions and increasing your concentration? You've probably acquired skills that can be put to good use in a professional setting.

👉Here is an example of a resume in which the interests are present

👉 Talk about your interests on your resume? Why not! We're talking about just how important they are in this article to express your personality and make you stand out.

Creative resume idea

Do you work in a creative sector or a profession in graphic design, photography, illustration, video...? To show your talent and attract the recruiter's attention, you have to be original in your application? You can write an original resume in addition to sending your portfolio!

Creative resumes are formats with original colors and layout. For example, you can include original typography, icons, graphic designs in your resume to make it visually interesting. Tools such as powerpoint, canva, illustrator, photoshop or indesign can help you build this type of resume.

👉 Here is a creative resume template

Original resume idea

To change the classic resume, the originality can go through several things:  

  • the layout of the resume: graphic resume, colors, typography, original fonts... As for the example given above.
  • the format: to change the pdf format sent by email, you can also build a video resume, a resume in the form of a computer graphics, a dedicated website, a resume sung, a resume in the format of an identity card ... You can even send a chocolate bar with your resume as a packaging, an origami or a tangram!

On LinkedIn, for example, we were inspired by the super original resume of a candidate applying for the responsible communication agency Cōam : 

Idea of resume in reconversion

When preparing your resume for a new job, you can highlight your strengths for the position you are seeking in several ways. For example, you can reflect work experience relevant to the new position, talk about the retraining you completed, and outline the skills you acquired. In resume headings, the phrase "advancement" is also a great way to explain your retraining project and your goals for the new position!

👉 Here's an example of cv in reconversion

👉 And for inspiration on resume catchphrases in career transition, here's our dedicated article.

English resume idea

You are applying for a job in France for which you need to speak English, or you are applying in an Anglophone country ? 

👉 Here's a sample English resume to fill out

Some important points for your resume...

To create a professional resume and land the job of your dreams, here are some recommendations

The recovery of keywords

If some of your personal qualities appear verbatim in the job listing or on the company's website, you can use those same keywords in your resume!


Be careful, because spelling mistakes can have a negative impact on a resume. Consider proofreading your resume yourself or having friends and family proofread it. You can also use a word processing program like Word or Openoffice to highlight your mistakes!

The chronology

It is important that you prepare your resume in chronological order so that the recruiter can follow each step of your professional and academic career;

The copy/paste 

On the Internet there are many templates, resume models to download and free resumes to fill in. They are meant to inspire you and we advise you not to copy and paste the data they contain. Convey your personal information in your own way, it makes all the difference!


It is also very important that you pay attention to headings, paragraphs and line spacing in any type of resume. Choose a font that is easy to read so that the recruiter doesn't have to get out the monocle 🧐 to decipher you;

One page, only one.

Original, classic, minimalist - whatever the format, your resume should fit on one page!

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