Agriculture and the environment

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What are the jobs in agriculture and the environment?

There are many essential jobs in agriculture and the environment. Farmers cultivate land and raise livestock to produce food. Agronomists and agricultural technicians advise farmers on sustainable practices and environmental preservation. Ecologists study ecosystems, biodiversity and nature conservation. Foresters manage forests and protect forest ecosystems. Environmental professions include ecologists, environmental engineers, waste management specialists and renewable energy experts.

The ecological and social transition has brought significant changes to farming professions. More and more farmers are adopting sustainable practices such as organic farming, permaculture and agroecology. For example, some farmers use conservation farming techniques to preserve soil and reduce erosion. Others are turning to urban agriculture, growing food in cities to promote food security and sustainability. Social transition also translates into new professional opportunities, such as environmental educators, sustainable agriculture advisors and project managers linked to ecological transition.