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What job to do when you love nothing?

You haven't started your professional life and you don't know what to do because you don't have a passion or you don't like anything in particular? You may have started it and you want to change your job because what you do does not suit you? What to do to change direction? Fulfillment at work is not innate, especially if you do not know who you are and what you like. Here are a few tips that may help you choose your career path and/or explore the possibilities of retraining.

Why don't you like anything?

Before asking yourself which job to choose or thinking about changing your path, if you have the impression that you don't like anything in particular, perhaps identify the blocking points that make you don't like anything: you're lonely ? shy ? angry ? sad ?

Tell yourself that nothing that characterizes you is negative. On the contrary, your character traits, such as the emotions you feel: anger, sadness or what makes you happy can help you find clues to find out what you like.

For example, if global warming upsets you and makes you angry, you might want to join an organization that:

If you want to fight to preserve human health, you might be interested in:

Maybe you say to yourself: “doing my job does not fulfill me”. If you are currently working, what do you think makes you dislike anything? Maybe you just want to change teams, work environment? Or do you want to change jobs, give a new direction to your job? to begin a phase of retraining in a structure more aligned with your values? to change jobs?

Moreover, if this lack of fulfillment is linked to boredom at work, a lack of meaning and/or creates professional exhaustion, it is better to act rather than to continue at the risk of reaching burnout.

A skills assessment to take stock

To go further in your thinking and ask yourself the right questions to guide you, think about your professional development or retrain in a new job/sector, doing a skills assessment can provide you with answers. As part of a review, you will focus on your skills, what you can do, what you do well and what you like to do based on your past experiences and your different professional stages if you have any. This can allow you to work on changing the way you look at yourself by discovering in particular what you like to do.

An assessment is training carried out by professionals who rely on collective and/or individual support. As a group, it allows you to exchange with people with different backgrounds, and who share this problem: how to orient your career to achieve professional success? In addition, individual support is offered to deepen your own reflection. Although the assessments cost a certain price, they can often be financed via the CPF (Personal Training Account). Job seekers registered with PĂŽle Emploi can also request a CPF contribution from their adviser to be able to finance it.

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Some impactful business ideas

Solitary jobs

On the web, many professions can be practiced alone: ​​Web editor, graphic designer, computer developer. Of course, to evolve in the profession you practice, you will always need others, as they will need you and that does not mean that these are professions where you do not have exchanges with other beings. humans. On the other hand, they offer more solitary moments. Crafts and agriculture are also jobs where you can be alone for a large part of your time.

If you are rather solitary, freelance status can allow you to practice from home, to adapt your work so that you are alone at certain times. To put your skills or succeed in your freelance retraining at the service of the common good, Social Declik offers training Freelance for good.

Jobs when you're shy

If you're shy, maybe don't go into jobs where you'll have to speak in public, host events, sell and negotiate on sales positions. Starting with a professional project of this type could put you in difficulty or even put you off the world of work. Here are some professions for an immersion in the field of impact, which offers a more suitable framework:

The web and IT professions such as Data analyst, IT developer in impact structures such as ekWateur which offers 100% renewable electricity, wood and gas or 2 tonnes which organizes workshops to reduce emissions in order to work on the development of their web platform.

If you don't want to go to college

Whether you are starting to work or want to do a professional retraining, there are also jobs that you can exercise with or without the baccalaureate in the field of impact. In craftsmanship by working as a cycle mechanic, for example. You can also discover the profession of herbalist, protect spaces by being a maintenance agent for natural spaces or even enhance objects and materials by being a value agent.

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