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I don't want to be a teacher anymore. What can I do?

You are a teacher in the French National Education system and you want to resign? You don't have your teaching diploma yet (crpe, capes, espe), but you already know that you want to change your path? What options are available to you? How do you make a career change in education or in another sector? Where to start? We can help you!

Take stock with a skills assessment

Why take a skills assessment?

Whether you are a high school teacher, a college teacher, a general education teacher, an agricultural teacher, a music teacher or in any other teaching position, in order to change your career path with the support you need, you can opt for a skills assessment. If you are currently training to be a teacher and you are wondering about your choice of direction, it is also possible to take one, to see things more clearly.

Lasting from 2 to 6 months, the skills assessment allows you to take stock of your professional experience to date, and the skills and abilities you have and like to use.

In groups, with customized support, face-to-face, online, specialized in social and environmental impact retraining, depending on the organization, there is something for everyone!

👉 Here is a complete article to learn more about skills assessments.

Access conditions and financing of a skills assessment

An assessment costs between 1000€ and 2500€. As a teacher, you have several possibilities to finance it.

The professional training account (CPF)

You can use this account whether you are a civil servant trainee, a teacher or a teacher under contract. It allows you to accumulate training hours each year: 25 hours/year if you work full time, and in proportion to your working hours over the year if you work less than 35 hours/week.

Professional Development Leave (PDL)

The CFP allows teachers with a minimum of 3 years of service in the public service to leave their job for a maximum of 3 years. The big advantage of this system? During your professional retraining, you continue to receive a salary for one year (85% of your gross salary)!

Who is it for ? Civil servant teachers only

How do I apply for it?

To obtain it, you must make a written request to the administration at least 3 months before the start of the assessment. Don't forget to mention your periods of absence, the type of training you are going to follow and the name of the organization that provides it. Upon receipt of your letter, the administration has 30 days to give you an answer.

⚠At the end of your training, you are obliged to work in the public sector for a period equivalent to three times the period during which you received benefits. If you want to leave the public service, you are still entitled to request an exemption from the joint administrative commission, the CAP.

👉 More information on financing options for your situation on this article.

Retraining in the public service

If you want to retrain in a different profession, while still working in the public service, again, the professional training leave (PTC) can allow you to carry out your professional project after 3 years of career.

👉 To give you an idea of the jobs you can do, here are impact job opportunities in the public sector.

👉 We are also in partnership with the training organization Design Actions Publiques for all those who want to develop projects with a social and environmental impact with local actors.

Refreshing your teaching skills

You no longer wish to be dependent on the Ministry of Education, but you still like being a teacher? Sometimes, the rejection of a profession has more to do with the work environment, the framework and the regulations that revolve around it, than with the practice of the profession itself. Here are some ideas for disciplines to do your job differently.

Become a principal advisor (CPE)

In this position, you are in charge of school life at the collÚge or lycée. The principal advisor's missions concern all out-of-class time and aim to place students in the best possible conditions for their education.

Become a tutor

You can teach at home, at the rate and with the teaching method you want. You can also work online with structures such asLiveMontessori.

Become a teacher in an alternative school

If you are a teacher of mathematics, French or other subjects, you can try to practice your profession in a school offering alternative education, such as the Living School for example, which trains the eco-citizens of tomorrow.

Becoming a teacher in impact

SSE organizations are also looking for this type of expertise. For example, a teacher may be needed to do popular education in schools or to build an inclusive training program.

Here are some examples of SSE organizations looking for teachers:

  • Abajad, to give French courses to people in a situation of social fragility and excluded from employment.
  • Kipawa to give French lessons, to promote the inclusion of exiled people, through an apprenticeship completed by volunteer missions.
  • Live For Good to reveal the potential of young people from all walks of life through entrepreneurship.

You can also share your educational skills by joining EdTechs, like Beneylu or Rocket School

Doing outreach

Here are some examples of projects you can get involved in to raise awareness:

  • Raising awareness about reuse and recovery of bio-waste at The Alchimistes or Terravox
  • Raising awareness of climate change in schools with the Celsius

Become a coach

If boosting your students, helping them find their professional orientation, building their own path particularly motivate you in your job as a teacher, the job of coach could also correspond to you.

👉 To learn more, the training Garance & Moi helps you train for the job.

To take action

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