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Writing a resume for a student job.

You are a student and you need some money to supplement your studies? You want to work part-time? Do you need a short term contract? For a student job, as for any other job, employers usually ask for a resume. You don't have much experience in a similar position, you don't have much experience at all? How do you create a resume for a student job? Here is what we can tell you about this type of application.

Without experience, how to write a resume for a student job?

Define commonalities with the organization

If you've just started your studies, you may not have much work experience in your backpack yet! We reassure you, this is not really a problem to find a student job. You can indeed focus on other experiences: sports, associations, school, leisure, having brought you skills;

What are the links between your experiences and the student job sector?

For example, if you are applying for a job in a sports store, you can put forward your knowledge in a specific sport. You practice a sport, you know the necessary equipment, the physical risks? These skills will be appreciated;

Another example: if you are applying for a job in the restaurant or food industry, you can talk about that famous event where you served food or drinks, where you learned about operational management, where you were confronted with a fast pace, with a long queue....

What are the links between your experiences and the missions of the student job?

For example, if you answer a job offer as a salesperson in an ice cream shop and you are asked to be versatile, friendly with customers and to make ice cream for 6 hours in a row, you could highlight experiences that have allowed you to develop your interpersonal skills, your ability to adapt to a new situation or to persevere and keep up with a long and difficult ordeal;

💡Focusing on your commonalities with the industry and organization will be especially helpful in an unsolicited application.

The headings of the resume

In general, a resume is composed of 5 to 6 sections, where short paragraphs of a few sentences or words are integrated to present your experiences and skills. Here they are: 


to present in a few words your profile and your strengths

Academic background

with details of the skills acquired

Career path

with details of the skills you have acquired. If you have not yet completed your first internship or job, they can be academic or associative.

Your skills 

by indicating your technical and soft skills by keywords

Your interests 

by specifying them with key words 

Your contact 

mail, your phone number, your LinkedIn profile.

And some optional sections that can be useful:  

The languages you practice.

References from former handlers, from your professors...

💡 As a student, you may not have any work experience. So put emphasis on all the other headings! :) 

Make a resume catchphrase

In order for the recruiter to know more about your personality and your aptitudes to work in his or her structure or the position to be filled, you can write 2 or 3 lines about yourself. As mentioned above, write well, thinking about what you have in common and what might attract the recruiter's attention in your personality. If you have created a catchphrase for your LinkedIn profile, you can also use it if it makes sense for the student job you are looking for!

👉To learn how to create a resume catchphrase, here is our dedicated article on the subject.

Expand on your educational background

With little or no professional experience, do not hesitate to develop content on your academic achievements, on projects, in group work, in partnership with companies or associations..;

Present your interests in your resume

Since these are activities that you do for fun, in your spare time, they indicate to recruiters traits of your personality that they might like. You can put 3 or 4 of them on your resume and ask yourself what they bring to you and what links you could make between the skills they bring and the organization. Asking yourself these questions will help you in your future interview with the recruiter.

👉To find out what interests to put on your resume, here's our dedicated article on the subject.

Indicate your skills 

Knowing your skills is key to applying for a job. You have both technical skills acquired through your education, work experience or self-taught, and soft skills specific to your personality. If you have certain skills requested in the job offer, you can include these skills word for word in your resume.

👉To find out what skills to put on your resume, here's our dedicated article on the subject 

The creation of the cv 

Where to create your resume?

Several tools exist for the creation of resumes, such as Open Office and Microsoft Word, in the word processor. It is also possible to make a resume on Photoshop, Canva and Powerpoint which offer options for original visuals;

The visual and the formatting

Making a good resume also involves the visual and the layout! On the internet, there are many sites where you can find resume models and templates to download to create an original visual. In terms of originality, depending on the job or the sector of activity that attracts you, you can allow yourself a more or less creative resume to stand out from the crowd. If you are applying for an internship in graphic design or art, colors, fonts and an original layout can be appreciated. If you are applying for a job in the banking or business sector for example, although originality can help you stand out, the form of your resume can be more classic.

To give you some ideas, here are 2 examples of resume templates to download: 

There are also sites, you can also find many resume templates to download for free: free resumes, original resumes, English resumes, resumes to fill in, there is something for everyone!

The details in a student job resume 

If you have little experience and few texts, recruiters will be even more attentive to the small details...

For a perfect score

As with all resumes, the devil is in the details! The absence of spelling mistakes and the careful layout of your resume will make the difference in a student job. On word processing tools like Open Office or Word, there is an option to detect your mistakes. (I can tell you how to do it by looking at my computer)

A little order

Present your educational background and experiences in chronological order.

Sending the resume pdf

Once finalized, if your resume is in word format or in another format, it is ideal to download it in pdf format to send applications. You can attach your resume by email to the recruiter. If you are applying spontaneously, you can also write a personalized application email. Finally, what we recommend for a student job, especially if it is a small structure, is to bring your resume directly to the employer! This will create a first link, even a first exchange, which will help them to remember you when rereading your student resume.

Sample resume for a student job

Here is a sample CV of a student in her first year of business school, looking for a student job to finance her daily expenses and her leisure activities.

Marie Novak

+33 6 01 52 51 29

42 000 Saint Etienne

Looking for a student job from September 2024.


About me

In my first year of business school, I'm looking for a 6-month student job in parallel to my classes. Having a great capacity of adaptation, a lot of empathy and being very serious at work, I would be efficient on operational missions as well as in contact with customers.

Academic background


Grande Ecole Program

Green Management School, Toulouse

Subjects taught: acquisition and exploitation of information for strategic studies, management of marketing and communication strategies, management of digital strategy.



Hec eco prep

Preparation for business school exams

Learning in a busy work environment


Bac ES

XXX High School, Saint-Etienne

Professional experience

October 2023

Management of partnerships for the School Olympics

Find partners for sports equipment and food

Think as a team about the partner promotion campaign

Ensure that partner logos are displayed during the event

Participate in the operational management of the event on D-day

July to August 2022

Administrative assistant in the insurance industry

Name of the company

To be completed



  • Canvassing
  • Mastery of excel
  • Negotiation

Soft Skills

  • Great capacity of adaptation
  • Very good relational skills
  • Public speaking skills
  • Determination



Fluent (C1 level)



Intermediate (level B2)

Areas of interest

Competitive basketball for 8 years

Improv theater

Organization of events, parties

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