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Write an email to send your resume.

Your job search is almost complete, you have found organizations you like to apply to and your applications are ready to be sent out. All you have to do is write an email to get the recruiter's attention and you're in business! How to write this email? Who should you send it to? Is it really necessary? Here is what we can tell you about the application email !

Why write an email to send your resume ?

An email not always necessary

On some job boards, sending an email to submit your application is not necessary. On jobs_that_makesense for example, when you apply for a job offer, the recruiter can ask you some questions in parallel with sending your documents. Here are the questions that can be asked to you for example: 

  • Why are you interested in our industry?
  • What are your main assets for the sales position?
  • What does our corporate culture inspire you?

These questions will help recruiters refine their initial selection of candidates by choosing the most relevant resumes for them;

And when you have to send an application email

On other job offers, you can find this type of mention at the end of the offer;

"Send your application to

"Send your resume and cover letter to the HR department:

You might also want to apply spontaneously via the organization's generic "contact" address:

In these cases, it is necessary to write a cover letter. This is the very first impression you will give to the recruiter! So you can't just say something like: 


Attracted by your organization, I am sending you my spontaneous application.

Here is my resume and cover letter attached.

Do not hesitate to contact me, I am available for a telephone conversation.


Last name first name"

Did you think you could get away with it? ;) 

We still recommend that you look a little deeper, because if other candidates are on the case, it is not certain that this non-personalized approach will allow you to stand out.

How to write an application email?

Show your interest in the organization

Are you attracted by the organization's mission, its values...? Did a news item about the company touch you? Did the job offer catch your eye? In your cover letter, talk about what led you to apply for them.

Talk a little about you

In a few words, indicate some of your strong points or an experience, a professional project related to the mission or the position for which you are applying. This will make them more inclined to open the attachments that come with your e-mail.

Mention your attachments

In case the recruiter doesn't see them, you never know... Make sure you send attachments in your email: resume and cover letter.

Propose a next step;

As a salesperson would do when closing a deal, you can create an opening at the end of your email by proposing a next step: "I'm available for a phone call", "if you want to know more about my profile, I'll be available for a future interview", "if my profile has caught your attention, when can we meet?

⚠️ Beware of mistakes

We think you know it, but as for writing a cover letter or a resume, remember to proofread your email or have someone else proofread it to avoid spelling mistakes !

3 examples of emails to send a resume;

For an internship search

Hello Mrs. Thierry,

Having met several people in situations of educational inequality and very sensitive to this subject, I would like to accompany you on your various projects. I am sending you my application for the internship of Right Arm.

My positivity, my interpersonal skills and the skills developed in my communication training will be my assets to develop your content, create new strategic partnerships and organize events.

Please find attached my resume and cover letter.

If you are interested in my profile, you can reach me at


Marine W.

💡 Sometimes, in the job offer, recruiters are on first-name terms! Nothing prevents you from doing the same, indicating a "Hello Hervé" if you have the first name of your recipient, if it is natural for you of course.

For a spontaneous application

Dear recruiter,

Marked by the food waste in (Company name) where I worked for 3 years and led a project of management and revalorization of unsold goods, your company has attracted my attention.

Convincing producers and manufacturers, as well as retailers, to adopt this reflex of valorization is sometimes a real challenge and at (Name of the company), I was able to remove certain blocks via numerous tools. That's why I would like to join a young and ambitious company like yours, as a sales representative, in order to share my expertise and to continue to maintain interactions with this customer target that I appreciate.

You will know more about my professional background after reading my attached documents.

I am available for a future interview.

Kind regards,

Jules R.

For a professional reconversion

Mr. Madec,

After 5 years in a tourism agency, I undertook a professional reconversion in the carpentry following the confinement. After 3 internships with carpenters, I would now like to join your company on a permanent contract, and I am available as soon as possible.

With a great empathy, a relational ease and a capacity to convince sometimes difficult customers, I would be at ease behind a workbench, as well as in contact with customers and in all sales situations;

Would you like to know more? I can make myself available to meet you.

In the meantime, please find my application form attached.

My greetings,

Franck Y.

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