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Without professional experience, what to put in your resume ?

You have no or very little professional experience and you are looking for a student job or a first job? In this article, we guide you to create a professional resume for beginners. We've all been there, as a resume is a prerequisite for getting a job interview. Even without experience, you can still put forward information that will help recruiters understand your skills. What personal information should you put forward to find a job? How to build a relevant first resume? How can you stand out without any professional experience? Here are our tips.

Include your skills in the other sections of your resume

If you don't have a career path that has already provided you with skills, you can expand on the other sections of your resume, such as your education, and add some new ones, such as languages, soft skills and interests.

Emphasize your educational background

A professional with 2 or 3 years of experience will develop the "professional experience" section, while he/she can be more succinct about his/her training. But for you, it is in this "education" section that everything is at stake! To attract the recruiter's attention, it is better to detail it well. What key skills did you develop during your training? What subjects did you learn that you think would interest the recruiter? What school projects have allowed you to develop skills that are useful for the position you are applying for? Whether you are applying for a job on your own or in response to a job posting, always try to put yourself in the recruiter's shoes when choosing the educational experiences you will talk about.

Create a catchphrase

It is like a trailer for your resume! In a few words, you can highlight your strong points for the job offer and tell the recruiter the purpose of your application in this short paragraph. You can actually use the one from your LinkedIn profile, if it's consistent with the offer.

💡 For inspiration, here is an article dedicated to catchphrases.

Create an "interests" section in your resume

Yes, they are important! Your interests indicate what you like to do in your free time, what you enjoy doing, and that's elements that allow recruiters to know you better.

💡 To learn more, here is an article dedicated to interests.

Create a "skills" section in your resume

They can allow the recruiter to better understand your skills and personality, especially via soft skills!

💡 To learn more about existing skills and how to present them in your resume, here is an article dedicated to resume skills and another to soft skills.

Include work experience

If you've ever done internships or volunteering, don't hesitate to highlight these accomplishments in your resume! Did you pick shallots for 5 days? Accompanied your parents in sorting clothes? Helped organize a sporting event? Have you ever been given responsibilities or missions? All these experiences can be discussed! Of course, you can make a selection of the most relevant ones in relation to the organization or the job offer.

➡️ For example, if you're applying in the agribusiness and even foodtech sector, it might be interesting to talk about that shallot-picking experience, which indicates a hands-on understanding of the farming business.

Work on the layout

For your job search or internship search, you can also focus on the formatting of your resume. As mentioned above, you can include several headings but also play with the design, colors, fonts and keywords in your resume.

Make an original resume

If you are applying for a job that requires creative and innovative skills, you can try an original layout to build a resume. This is particularly true for creative jobs such as graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, but also in marketing, communication or event management. You can include icons, colors, illustrations, graphics. Thanks to tools like illustrator, photoshop or canva, you can create a graphic resume.

Use key words

You can also construct sentences using key words found on the organization's website or in the job posting.

➡️ For example, if the words "taste for challenge" and "team spirit" appear in the offer, you can use them to talk about your skills if they are consistent with your person, of course!

➡️ If values such as "authenticity", "audacity" and "benevolence" are values communicated by the company and in which you recognize yourself, you can use them to write your catchphrase or talk about your soft skills for example.

Watch out for spelling mistakes

Being a beginner in professional life will not be an excuse, spelling mistakes will not make it easier for you to get an interview! So make sure you proofread your resume before sending it.

Follow a chronology

Presenting your academic and professional background in chronological order in your resume is very important to allow the recruiter to follow your career path.

Spacing out

To make your presentation more readable, try to make your resume nice and airy.

2 examples of cv layout

👉1 original cv template

👉1 classic cv template

💡 There are also many downloadable resume templates and free resume templates on the internet that you can take inspiration from, for the layout!

An example of a resume without experience

Here is a sample resume of a student in bts, looking for a job in the energy renovation sector.

Julien Le Cerf


37 000 Tours


Business Developer in alternation

About me

I am a student in my 2nd year of a BTS in Business Management and I am convinced of the positive impact of building renovation in the transition. I would like to challenge myself and learn my job at [COMPANY NAME], for a 1-year work-study program starting in September 2023.


2023-2024 (in progress)

BTS Commercial Management

Development of customer relations and sales advice

Animation and dynamization of the commercial offer

Operational management

Management of a sales team

General subjects: general culture, economic, managerial, legal, English.


WordPress and PrestaShop training

Since 2021

Self-training on the energy transition

Reading of the Shift Project's Plan for the Transformation of the French Economy

Reading of all the Shift Project reports in the building sector

Participation in conferences on the subject of energy transition


Technological Bac STMG

High school XXX, Tours

Professional experiences


Presentation of the Badminton association of Tours at the XXX exhibition

Present the association and adapt the speech according to the needs of the interlocutor

Manage the calls and emails received after the show

Enter the data of the potential new members on excel

Recontact interested people 3 months later

Be the dedicated contact for registrations



Knowledge of energy renovation issues

Customer relations

Creation and dynamization of commercial offers

Soft skills

Great rigor

Very good interpersonal skills






Intermediate (level B2)


Cooperative board games

5 years of Badminton

Reading reports on energy transition

⚠️ To stand out from the crowd, avoid copying and pasting ready-made phrases from existing resumes. Who better than you to find the right words to describe your experiences ?

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