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How to make a good resume tagline ? 20 ideas!

It is the one that will catch the recruiter's attention from the start. It is placed at the top of the resume. It's like a trailer that makes you want to know more about your life story. It is the resume's catchphrase! It makes your presentation original and should be adapted according to the sector of activity and the position you are applying for. How to make an original resume and a catchphrase to stand out? How to create a catchphrase for an original resume that is relevant to your profile? Here are 20 examples of catchphrases to build a resume and stand out !

Why make a resume tagline ?

Overall, your resume is a collection of information that presents in a few short sentences your educational background and work experience, and in simple words your skills and interests.

This information is important to allow recruiters to understand why your profile is interesting to join their organization or join a job opening. But how to write a resume that highlights your personality ?

Among the headings to include in your resume, there is one that you can call "About me" by including a catchphrase. This is the element that will differentiate you from the beginning of your resume and allow the reader to understand your personal touch. In this presentation, you can specify the purpose of your application and talk about your assets in relation to the job offer. You can also use all or part of the presentation of your LinkedIn profile if it is consistent with your application.

Resume hooks by trade

For each type of resume, here are different paragraphs to catch the recruiter's attention.

#1 For a sales resume

Business developer for 2 years, I increased the turnover of a young ethical fashion company by 30%. I identified many problems and brought to the team ideas for new solutions.

#2 For a resume in marketing

Curious, creative and educational, I worked on the editorial strategy, netlinking and SEO of a restaurant for 1 year. I like to evolve in young and agile structures to quickly deploy solutions.

#3 For a finance resume

To implement the ESG policy of (Company name), my interpersonal and analytical skills and my knowledge of regulations were my strong points. I am looking for a permanent position in responsible finance.

#4 For an accounting resume

After 5 years in banking, I would like to put my accounting skills to work in a social economy company. Rigorous, versatile and very proactive, I like to make accounting processes evolve.

#5 For a graphic designer resume

Creation of visuals for website, social networks, newsletter, communication brochures, communication strategy... I've touched different things after 2 internships in communication agencies.

Resume hooks by years of experience

#6 For a beginner resume

In my first year of computer science, I like to undertake personal projects and I have developed a web application for the stock management of my sister's business. I am looking for a 2 month internship from June 1st to August 31st, in computer programming.

#7 For a student resume looking for an internship

I am a student in my second year of a Master's degree in management of international solidarity and social action, pragmatic, very good communicator and determined. I am looking for a 6-month internship to get involved in the reception of migrant populations. I am available from July 1st 2023.

#8 For a student resume looking for a first job

After 2 internships in the legal departments of two large French companies and a Master's degree specialized in the environment, I am looking for a first job in climate justice, starting in September 2023. My analytical skills, my ability to take stock and the great autonomy that I was able to have in my previous positions are my strengths.

#9 For an executive resume in search of a job

Under the responsibility of the General Manager of the XXX group, in charge of operations, I built a team of 10 people to elaborate the reorganization of the strategy of the catering activity of the group. I am looking for a position as Operations Manager on a permanent basis and am available as soon as possible.

#10 For a professional reconversion

Having managed an energy purchasing activity for 3 years in relation with the producers of the energy transition, my professional project is to be now a commercial to promote this type of energy, directly with a green energy producer. The energy transition sector, reporting and KPI monitoring will hold few secrets for me!

Resume hooks in organizational transformation

#11 For a resume in change management

Having accompanied the reorganization of XXX following a takeover, I succeeded in involving influential collaborators, fighting certain routines to develop new ones and working with HR to develop skills.

#12 For a resume in human resources

In a context of hyper growth, XXX went from 100 to 1000 employees in 5 years. I joined the company for an internship at the end of my studies, and my position and responsibilities have followed the company's evolution. Today, I would like to co-construct the HR strategy of a structure in transformation.

#13 For a facilitator resume

Empathetic, a good listener and conflict defuser, I have been working for 3 years in group facilitation for companies in the public and private sector. I am looking for a permanent contract to use my skills for your internal meetings.

#14 For a digital transformation manager resume

Having managed, planned and supervised a project to redesign the personal information protection tools of XXX, which resulted in a 15% reduction in the costs of the IT department, I have experience in the implementation of a digital transformation project from A to Z.

Resume hook for a job in ecology

#15 For a resume in energy renovation

During my 5 years at XXX, I have been an observer, entrepreneur and a force of proposal to seize new opportunities for energy renovation at client companies. I'm looking for a position on a permanent basis starting in July 2023.

#16 For a CSR project manager resume

I was in charge of the implementation of a CSR strategy for 30 stores of the XXX group. I was able to solve internal conflicts and to motivate a multitude of actors to carry out this project.

#17 For a resume of a value agent

My conception of the job of a valuator : meticulousness and observation above all, to diagnose the objects to collect and to valorize the pieces.

#18 For a nature organizer resume

Pedagogue, passionate about nature and eager to spread my joy of life. Teaching the youngest to protect the fauna and flora in a good mood is what captures their attention.

Resume hook for a health and social services position

#19 For a home care resume

Taking the time to talk and actively listen to others while providing home care is my "little extra", according to my patients. My taste for autonomy also helps me in my job. I am looking for a full time home care position starting in May 2024.

#20 For a resume of a special educator

Analyzing, being firm and taking a step back is what has allowed me to solve several difficult situations in my job, beyond my technical qualifications. I am looking for a new opportunity in the non-profit sector.

5 things to remember when writing a resume cover sentence

Avoid copy/paste

The ready-made formulas found on all the resume templates on the internet, like the examples we gave you above, can inspire you, but do they describe you? It would be like repeating word for word someone else's presentation... 0 originality then! Originality doesn't require pulling your hair out to find a cool turn of phrase! Express your strengths and assets in a personal and authentic way, as if you were standing in front of your recipient. Perhaps try to put yourself in their shoes to identify the most interesting things to tell them about yourself.

The tagline is not the title

Do not confuse the title of your resume with the tagline. In the layout, the title is for example: "freelance accountant", "operations manager", "IT trainee", while the tagline is an additional paragraph to be integrated in an "About" section of a few lines to introduce yourself.

Use action verbs

"Build customer loyalty", "Add value to items", "Allow customers to..." To create a resume action verbs bring dynamism to your presentation.

Don't say too much

A short text summarizing your work experience or your accomplishments to date will do, especially if you include a cover letter with your application. The important thing is to include your qualities and/or a main reason why you are applying for an organization or a position. Be concise, impactful and convincing!

Watch out for spelling mistakes

Whether it is in the teaser or in the resume as a whole, remember to proofread well to avoid spelling mistakes that sting the eyes.

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