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10 (false) good excuses not to quit your job

If you are reading this article, you may be in conflict with yourself. Constantly torn about your relationship to work, you want to leave everything behind. In fact, the search "Give meaning to your work" is indexed in your favorites. Your days are like a roller coaster of emotion, and you oscillate between moments of intense euphoria like "That's it, it's decided, I'm leaving my box, my country, my family, my dwarf hamster and going make love!” to “No, but come down to earth, you can't do that”.

To help you overcome these false good excuses (and to reconcile your conflicting mini-yous), we have drawn up a small non-exhaustive list of which we bet they have tormented you one day!

1- “I have restaurant tickets and they support my Navigo pass, I have RTT. And then, if I stay another 4 months, my boss has promised me a company car! »

Enough to make your audience salivate over a beer at 7:30 p.m. But do these benefits really make you happy? Do they make you a “good in your sneakers” person? If when you talk about your job, you immediately bring up the subject of the salary advantages conferred on you, don't you think that there is a (big) problem of underlying meaning?

2- “I still make a really good living. In addition, they (editor's note parents, relatives, society) only tell me that if I choose an impact job, I will earn less than a minimum wage. And me, I still did 5 years of studies, so you have to make a profit from all that!”

Money, the famous. So of course, we're not here to tell you that you have to live in the world of care bears and that without money, the party is crazier. We need money to live, to pay our rent (and to have aperitifs). But it is the evil of our century, and the more we have of it, the more we believe that we need all that. When in fact, you just have to operate a little gymnastics of reorganizing expenses. How much do I really need to live? What spending items am I ready to ease off on? ? On which, on the contrary, I don't want to let go (#teambièrepizzadujeudientrepotes).

3- “I am not legitimate to leave and consider changing lanes!”

When you are a young worker and have just started working, you think you have to stay to have “valuable” experience to put on your CV. When you have already been working for several years, you tell yourself that you are too old to change. And if finally there was no age to wake up, reveal yourself, and go in search of your meaningful job? The most amazing thing (and I advise you to try the experiment) is when you discuss with people who are in the same situation as you (ah because you really thought you were the only one in this situation?), but who are not the same age. The older ones will tell you “no, but I envy you so much you ask yourself the right questions at the start of your career, you are gaining 10 years of professional life!” While you will answer them “No, but since you are too lucky to already have several years of experience to value, it’s hot for me!” So… do we stop with this impostor syndrome and take action?

4) “Olala, what will my parents think? And my friends? And society as a whole?

You are afraid of having to justify yourself, of disappointing, of being considered as an outsider. And then, you don't want to make a stir and wisely follow the path that was assigned to you. That's the good student syndrome. Spoiler alert #2: you can never please everyone. And frankly, the most important thing is to please yourself, right? As Steve Jobs said in his brilliant opening speach at Stanford University; “your time is limited. Don’t waste it living someone else’s life”. Of course you will face dumbfounded looks, sometimes misplaced questions. You have to know how to take a step back, because many of these reactions are only the projection of the anxieties (or even the desires!) of people who do not dare to take action.

5- “Frankly, it’s not reasonable.”

Oh, do you think so? When the moralizing mini-you comes to give you a hard time, regain control by asking yourself a single question: If I were on my deathbed, what is the assessment that I would like to be able to make of my life? Being reasonable means staying in your comfort zone. And you know what ? Not much is happening in our comfort zone. Besides, Anthony Robbins says it: “If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always had”. So, big up to the comfort zone?

6) "I'm waiting for THE click".

It is not uncommon to hear about click through podcasts or articles. But don't take it literally! The people who had this famous trigger did not wait for it in front of their computer, from Monday to Friday. You have to get moving, explore, try new things. It is through experimentation that we move forward. Like a baby learning to walk: he tries, falls, tries again, improves, clicks, and walks! And why quitting your job couldn't be your first click?

7- “If I leave and regret?”

It has to be said, we go through a period that is not exactly funny, where we find ourselves on certain days strolling through the corridors of our Pôle Emploi agency, shaving the walls on Monday mornings so that no one in the street notices that we are not does not go to work. But leaving a job is like a breakup…. We know what we are leaving, but we never know what we will find behind. The hardest part is getting started. Then, it's exploration, the opening of the ocean of possibilities! And there, it's really nice. You become curious again, you explore and test a lot of new things, without really understanding how everything you do will converge next. You (re)discover potential that you had no idea! And then one day, it converges. But as Stebe Jobs said “you can never connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust the dots will somehow connect in your future”. If your intuition makes you say that you are not aligned at a time T, it means that you will not regret your decision.

8- “But you have to be super brave to quit your job, I'm not”.

Damn! Get rid of this demeaning mini-me! If you're looking for courage, we'll let you read (and re-re-read) Cyril Dion's words: "We're on this planet to find out who we are, to ensure that all the talents we discover can put them at the service of others but also of our own development, so that every day we can feel deeply alive. We are here to create. Imagine if the energy of all the people who are stuck doing a nutty job were suddenly released and if all these people started investing it to transform society. "So you muster up your courage?"

9- “It’s not the right time”.

Spoiler alert #3: it's never going to be the right time. A big personal project (purchase of a good, baby, trip), a big project at work (development of big KPIs of death that kills, a hyper mega giga important project, an email from the Management). If you're waiting for the perfect circumstances to come together, you're not done waiting... What if we promised to stop procrastinating on a subject as important as professional well-being? (Reminder: you spend about 80,000 hours working in your lifetime).

10- “It must be a whim, it will pass me, and I will fit into the mould”…

BE unhappy! You are burying your potentials deep, trampling on them. A square can never fit into a circle. It's not a whim, you're not eternally dissatisfied. Your intuition simply tells you that you are not in your zone of excellence, and sends you signals. Can you grab them?

To wake up. Get in motion. Find your area of ​​excellence and your potential. Reveal and align. Remember, the hardest part is taking the first small step. “From the moment we fully commit ourselves, providence sets in motion. To help us, all sorts of things happen that otherwise would never have happened” (Goethe). Come on, it's up to you!


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