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Better communication for better engagement.

You have the knowledge to express yourself on ecological and social transition issues, you know solutions, tools? Do you lead change in organizations? Do you manage teams and lead positive impact projects? Whatever your mission, a strong lever to get others on board is public speaking! Our American friends, through their conferences and Ted Talks, prove it to us: mastering public speaking allows you to feel more legitimate, confident, daring, influential and impactful! So, why not you, the (future) professionals of impact, CSR, SSE, change management ?

The challenges for transition professionals

To show pedagogy

To inform, to lead workshops, to make the public aware of ecological and social practices, pedagogy is essential. Learning empathy, listening to others and adopting a clear and benevolent communication are then assets.

Ensure cooperation 

In order to be able to bring together and agree with people with different characters, interests, motivations and constraints, fluid oral communication, which allows for conflict management, and confidence can make a difference.


To lead the transition, you need to be able to make people dream, to talk about desirable and achievable projects and to convey strong messages. To do this, it is necessary to learn how to create and embody relevant messages to unite teams around new challenges and common projects.

Holding a leadership posture

To be a leader in the sense of a professional capable of embodying with authenticity what he/she expresses and to motivate a group, serenity, self-confidence and the ability to find one's own way of speaking in public, are key qualifications to have.

Whether face to face or behind a camera in video, good public speaking skills can make a big difference in these different roles !

Training on public speaking


Not to shut you up, on the contrary to learn how to manage your stress and be more comfortable in your public speaking. This short training ofa few hours or 2 days max is achievable on line or in person in Paris. You can get it financed via several schemes like the AIF, the CPF or the OPCO.

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Walk your talk

To develop skills in caring communication and cooperation, this 4-day training in Saint-Pierre-des-Corps, 1 hour from Paris, allows you to acquire key skills to develop your emotional intelligence.

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Their feedback on the speech training courses

To enlighten you a little more on what the "speaking" trainings can bring you, here are some testimonies of professionals who have followed them!

"Between methods, tips, role-playing and situational exercises, I now have all the keys to have a more assertive speech, manage crisis situations, improvise, etc.

Wilfried Lerot - Product Specialist, has followed the Silence training

"Caring and listening, Nicolas was able to guide and accompany me to find both the right attitude and the right speech. He takes us to where we need to be to find the balance point for good natural speaking."

Erwan Roblo - Project team leader, has followed the Silence training

"I had no idea what to expect when I attended the NVC weekend. I was just feeling lost and stressed. I came away rich in vocabulary, calmed feelings, and strength to move forward toward what is right for me."

Coralie, followed the training in non-violent communication of Marche tes paroles

"This training allowed me to understand that there are no "stupid" people, there are only people we don't understand. Maxime has an incredible strength, we become aware that we sometimes have the same needs as the people around us but we just don't react the same way."

Eveline, an employee of Enedis, followed the Marche tes paroles benevolent communication training

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