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I won't give you numbers on food waste. They are obscene, twisted or unthinkable, count in kilograms or megatons, and you probably already know them.

And then it's Friday, the weather is almost not too ugly and we have, as often at school, a light heart and above all a furious desire to look at the sky rather than the sidewalks.

Why and who is wasting so much food?

We overproduce.

30% of the world's agricultural land is used to produce food that will never be consumed.

We overestimate.

Each French person would waste the equivalent of one meal per week.

Not fun. At all. And I told you.. obscene.

As La Source is the school of sustainable restoration, we feel very concerned. I think you will understand. Because catering is 15% of the subject. Too many purchases, too many losses, waste and unsold items.

But I told you, the sky, not the sidewalks.

The State is getting involved and it is essential. Since the anti-waste bill passed, companies have an obligation to reuse, reuse or recycle all their unsold products. This measure, which should take effect between 2021 and 2023, aims to combat food waste.

The restaurateurs, chefs, innkeepers, innkeepers, cafe owners, innkeepers have gold in their hands to contribute to the effort and are beginning to be aware of it. Finished the 30 glorious (and therefore the flowers and the firecrackers, a bit of a shame but let's move on). They manage their stocks and therefore their purchases, offer short and lively cards. They learn to cook all the products and, at the same time, sometimes re-ignite a creativity that has been a little dulled by these mind-blowing transcontinental possibilities of recent decades.

They rediscover ancestral methods of preservation and begin to lacto-ferment everything that passes on the work plan. Very, VERY good news. Keep pushing. They fully assume new portions on the plates. Lighter, yes, but more durable.

There's some left ? Great, it's in the box, it will make the evening dinner. Are there any left? Terrific encore. Tech geniuses have developed sensational #togoodtogo solutions in their garage. Still ?? Foot. They are transformed into vigilantes of sharing and generosity. Associations, partnerships and donations to people who depend on it to live.

Trust us. The findings are hard but the will and the skills are there, I assure you. When the state of mind will have profoundly and definitively changed and all this will be nothing more than a gentle history of reflexes, the results will be visible.

We at The Source believe in it.

And we move.

This is why we created the Foodcamp - the first training course in eco-responsible cooking certified and recognized by the professional branch - which trains the new (committed) players in the catering of tomorrow.

Present for a year in the third place of the Cité Fertile in Pantin, we are opening a new school next March in the Darwin ecosystem in Bordeaux. With more than 80 trainees trained, the movement is launched to promote more sustainable food.

So, who wants to become THE SOURCE of change?


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