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Meaning at work: Fantasies, burnout and retraining

Hello gangsters!

I'm Pierre, from the podcast Soif de Sens and ex makesense gangster (I got a lot of sense so I retired).

When I got into business school, I was like, "uh...I think there's been a casting mistake!" and I got depressed...I just wanted a job where I'm happy!

This is where I did my first hold-ups with makesense and discovered social entrepreneurship where I really enjoyed myself.

7 years later, I live from my podcast Soif de Sens where I have the chance to interview Jancovici, Camille Etienne or Yann Arthus-Bertrand to help you embody change. For example, we talk about eco-anxiety, mental load and ultra-rich.

But above all, I know how much we bite when we are not happy in our studies or our job, so I made 3 episodes for you on how to (re) find meaning at work.

Take out the popcorn, you're going to enjoy it.

For meaning at work... do you have to give it all up? Earn less? Working in the SSE?

Between bullshit jobs, stress at work or lack of recognition, many people are thirsty for meaning at work! So how do you know if you just need to go to 4/5s, change bosses... or just drop everything?

Here are the tips from Primaveras, a school to teach you how to make better choices.

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Here are 5 little-known green jobs that will explode

What if you became a master composter, vegetable butcher or low-tech architect? Julien Vidal presents some professions of the future that already exist.

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The best plan if you are a student

I would have dreamed of going to this school when I was a student!

If you want to work in the SSE, the humanitarian or the environment, you will enjoy yourself. Here is the 3A Paris school.

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