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I don't know what to do for a job

Even before embarking on your professional life, people around you already know the job they want to do, when you have no idea. How do you know which job is right for you?

You are in active life and you want to change jobs, you explore the possibilities of retraining. How do you go about building your career plan?

Do not panic, finding your professional field is not innate: in France in 2020, 50,000 people carried out a skills assessment to take stock of their professional life. Even people who have already gone through the choice of the profession they exercise, are not always fulfilled 100% in their work. They feel the need to redefine their professional desires to give a new direction to their career. This is not particularly negative, it is a trend in society in which changing direction allows you to get closer to your personal needs. And to know what job to do, it is useful to start from yourself. Here are some ways to get professional guidance.

Start by getting to know each other

If you don't know what job you want to do, maybe first try to understand your needs and what you like to do. Indeed, choosing your orientation depends a lot on your personality and your experiences. What did you like about these experiences? What qualities do you recognize? To get to know you better and to think about a coherent professional project, several tools exist.

Skills assessments

To know the orientation you want to give to your career, to know what training course to undertake, the professional development you need or to consider a retraining, doing a professional assessment can provide keys to move forward. Today, there are various assessments offering group and/or individual support in person and/or online. Depending on your situation (students, employees, job seekers) the rates are adapted and there are also ways to finance them via the CPF, Pôle Emploi or the Opcos of companies for example.

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personality tests

When you do a skills assessment, you are often offered to take a personality test to help you get to know yourself better. Among the tests known and used by recruiters, we find for example the MBTI and Ikigaï

Choose a job that suits you

Know your goals...

What is a job for you? To flourish? To earn enough money to prioritize your personal life? To be useful to society, to others? To constantly learn new things? To meet a diversity of people?

…Your personality…

Do you prefer working alone, in a group or both? Do you need to be in a quiet environment? Are you able to adapt to different work environments? Very good communicator, do you need a job where you can express yourself publicly? Cré, do you need a certain freedom to undertake and innovate in your profession?

…And what you like to do

Do you like finding solutions to problems? Help others grow? Create with your hands? Imagine and realize projects? Play with words? Numbers ? Speaking in public ? Caring for people's health? Do you like selling things? To negotiate ?

Jobs with an impact according to your personality

The MBTI is a test of about 50 questions, which tells you, after answering them, your personality type among 16 types. At the end of the test, job ideas corresponding to each type of personality are indicated. Of course, you have to take a step back from the results, which are there to guide you and not to tell you what the ideal job is for you. Inspired by the MBTI, we have drawn up a list of impact professions corresponding to different profiles. Maybe this can give you some clues!

You like strategy and complexity

The scientific or engineering professions might appeal to you. Here are some ideas:

  • Engineer in sustainable development or energy efficiency.
  • CSR strategy advisor in a consulting firm like HAATCH or in change management
  • Financial Analyst at Reclaim Finance, or Phitrust

You like logic and developing theories

You are a leader at heart

Very curious, you like to understand the world and observe it

You like to make others grow in skills assessment or coach.

  • Garance&Moi, for example, offers training to do this job by supporting women in their retraining or finding their way.
  • You can also support other audiences, such as young people at StaffMe Academy
  • Work in social support in a group like Ares, which accompanies people far from employment

You are idealistic, altruistic and you like to connect people

  • to transform organizations from the inside, like at FlexJob for example. The Fertîles school offers training to move towards a career in facilitation.
  • Responsible for partnerships in an impact structure
  • of links between impact structures and candidates in a recruitment firm like OMEVA
  • You may also be attracted to companies like Cap Collectif, which practice participatory democracy

Thanks to your enthusiasm and your strength of conviction, you like to inspire others

  • CSR project manager
  • Commercial.e for a company like Les saisons

You like to contribute to large-scale projects

  • You can work in Foundations and NGOs
  • And also look at jobs oriented justice and peace on jobs

Do you like connecting people?

  • Community manager in companies like Wecandoo, Meet My Mama
  • CSR project manager
  • Do events in ecology, in foundations like Act-Alliance against tobacco

Do you like answering people's questions?

  • You can work in human resources by integrating an impact structure to act directly with employees or join an HR firm like Ecclésia RH.
  • Customer success manager in an impact company

You like to take care of people

  • Health and social professions (caregiver, nurse, home help, etc.)
  • You can also work for structures that work for people in situations of vulnerability or social exclusion, such as Les petits frères des Pauvres or Mamie Boom.

You like to organize and manage

  • Head of operations, administration, office manager in an impact structure
  • Management controller in a structure like Citeo that sorts waste.
  • Project manager for impact projects or companies.

You like to do and create with your hands

  • Craftsman in eco-design on your own or within a structure like the Mu cooperative
  • Cycle mechanic at Olvo or Viraj for example
  • Eco-responsible cook. La Source also trains in this profession :)

👉 To follow a training around "doing", you can look at MakeICI.

You are an artist, you like to multiply experiences and/or encounters

  • You can orient your work in responsible tourism at AgriVillage, Le Flâneur Guest House, Le Lemon Tour
  • Being a designer/graphic designer in a structure like Elyx that promotes sustainable development through artistic operations.
  • Photographer for ethical and eco-responsible brands such as the fashion brand Pérus for example.

You are passionate, entrepreneur and in action

  • Set up your entrepreneurial project or become a co-founder of an existing project
  • Business developer for a company with social and/or environmental impact

You like to entertain, entertain and take others on adventures

  • Be a community manager
  • Animate a neighborhood kiosk, workshops around equal opportunities, workshops for children at Apprends et rêve. Moreover, to learn how to mobilize a group in the service of an SSE project, Makesense offers the Reaction program

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