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Transparency: a recruitment lever

Hello, my name is Matthieu, I have been working at jobs_that_makesense for five months as a strategic project manager and I have many topics related to the transparency and impact of our recruiters 🙂

Transparency: feminine noun

Everywhere: phenomenon by which visible light rays are perceived through certain substances.

At jobs_that_makesense: what is visible to everyone within the company and which allows each employee to have access to all the information on the company's commitment and actions to limit its negative impacts and maximize its positive impact .

Why is it important to be transparent?

When you are a committed company, it is part of the commitment.

Yes, it's stupid, but we want to remind you. Transparency is one of the principles of CSR. We don't know what else to tell you, except that being committed means being... transparent.

Transparency is a customer requirement

When we are a company, being transparent is also a requirement of our customers. Today, more and more, customers want companies to shine a light on their commitments. In a study by Ipsos, 72% of French people expect brands to publicly submit proof of their activities. This requirement is the response to a preponderance of greenwashing in the communication of organizations. Consumers are constantly more alerted to this danger, so they pay more attention to it. I would go even further and say that customers simply want sincerity, whether your commitment is strong or not. We assume and we improve!

Transparency is also a requirement of candidates

We are a job platform so let's talk about the requirements of the candidates.

Yes, more and more, the candidate pays attention to the investment of the company to which he applies. The study carried out with Audencia reports that, among the priority actions to be put in place to have meaning at work, 58% of respondents favor the positive impact on society and/or the planet. For 18/24 year olds, this figure rises to 65%. This impact has become a requirement of candidates during their search and at jobs_that_makesense we support you in order to shed light on your commitments and your impact (see below).

Your transparency creates commitment

First, it is essential to take action, to commit, to carry out these commitments on the ground and then, you can communicate on it. Today, too often, companies communicate upstream on their commitments when action has not yet been taken on the ground. This can be confusing and associated with greenwashing.

Being transparent allows you to communicate easily on your social and environmental commitments. This communication introduces the consumer or candidate into a relationship of trust with your brand. To go further, by communicating, you can encourage the candidate/consumer to participate in your commitments. So you encompass more people, more movements, more commitments and therefore more lasting relationships.

How do you do to be transparent (without an invisibility cloak)?

You have commitments, you are implementing concrete actions against global warming, for inclusion, and other fights. But how to be transparent? What are your levers to make your commitments known without being accused of greenwashing?

At jobs_that_makesense, we are very interested in the transparency of companies that recruit and we give you access to several possibilities.

Undertake a labeling process

A third-party and independent opinion of the organization. This third-party opinion is important in order to avoid many pitfalls of self-labelling but also to challenge you on your commitments! Labeling can be a real plus for your organization and is now a criterion that is increasingly in demand. We are a partner of B Corp, LUCIE 26 000, Positive Workplace (PWP) or Great Place to Work (GPTW) for example. However, labeling can take time, money and not all organizations have the opportunity to embark on a labeling process. That's why we also offer you other ways.

Carry out a social and environmental impact study

An impact measurement is the fact of calculating the effects, positive and/or negative, of a structure in its activities. This study therefore makes it possible to realize its real impacts on society and the environment and to offer another point of view when making decisions, other than the economic point of view... You can have access to reference free in order to have a first overview of your impact and the first elements to improve, before perhaps embarking on a more in-depth measurement which will ultimately allow you to know more about your impact.

Adopt shared and transparent governance

an unveiled salary scale, detailed funding, purpose, ethical charter… All these elements are proof of transparency. For example, at Alan, the salary grid is published on their site. This allows you to know how the salary is set but above all it gives an idea of ​​positive and transparent governance.

How to communicate on your commitments?

As we said earlier, it is important to communicate on your transparency, once the action has taken place (not before!). To do this at best, here are two tips.

Write articles

Writing about your transparency, about your daily commitment is a great way to make yourself known! It also reinforces your employer brand, which is interesting for the reader. Besides, you have nothing to hide. It's only positive!

For example, we recently lifted the lid on our fundraiser at jobs_that_makesense in an article on Maddyness.

Make it a central part of your employer brand with jobs_that_makesense

At jobs_that_makesense, we want to allow each recruiter to highlight their commitments and demonstrate transparency. Labels of trust, impact measurement, sustainable development goals... we decided to give the opportunity and encourage people to show transparency and commitment when recruiting.

You can start creating your recruiter space, posting your ads and communicating about your commitments for free.

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