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13 tips for writing a job offer

You've spent time thinking about the construction of this position in your organization. You have defined the profile of the ideal candidate and perhaps the different recruitment phases you will put in place. You have your headhunter for sourcing talent. What's next? How to present the position to receive relevant applications? What information should you put forward when you are an actor committed to impact? How to stand out in a context of war for talent? To better recruit, here are 13 tips for writing your job offers.

The job offer in two or three words.

It is the starting point of the recruitment process. It precedes the reception of cover letters, the selection of candidates and the job interviews. It is ? It is? Well okay, you're already spoiled. 🤭

The job posting has been around for a long time and yet there is nothing old school about it. It all depends on how you put this recruitment tool to good use. When it is well done, it allows you to recruit employees who are aware of what is expected of them and who are really motivated by the position. In a context of search for meaning and a need for commitment among job seekers, especially young talent, this is the time to highlight your strengths in this sense! Of course, without bullshit and with transparency.

10 tips for writing it

1# Writing it at the right time

There are different recruitment strategies. For a smooth recruitment process, our recommendation is to publish the offer 4 months before the desired position is to be taken up, and therefore for the recruiter to start thinking about it 4.5 months before.

2# Create a catchy title

The title is the first element that will capture the attention of each candidate. Try to stand out by choosing a concrete, clear and not too generic title. For example, you can present your mission in the title. 

=> Example: "Traceability officer for the agricultural sector", "Accounting assistant internship for inclusion".

3# Introduce yourself

Talk about your mission, the "why?" of your organization. The reason for being is your original intention. It often counts a lot for talents, because it testifies to the purpose of the founders of the structure. Moreover, if you are looking for candidates who share your corporate mission, highlighting it and talking about its importance to you will also facilitate the selection of candidates.

For example: La Fresque du Numérique is an association that raises awareness of environmental issues through an educational tool. Its mission is to contribute to a movement of awareness and transformation towards more sustainable life models.

4# Talk about the project

What is the specific project that the person hired will join? Within which team? Knowing this helps you understand the role of the team the candidate will be joining and to project him/herself into it.

5# Present the missions

List the position's missions to make candidates aware of the expectations of the position and their ability to perform it or not.

6# And the job profile

What are the skills, competencies and interpersonal skills required to perform the job?

7# Refine the writing and design

That counts too! Taking care of the presentation of your offer, working on it, shows that the position is important to you. No spelling mistakes, a good presentation, that's what you expect from a CV and that's also what candidates expect from an offer. It goes both ways. :)

For example, by posting your offers via the jobs_that_sense platform, you can air out the job description, structure the titles and paragraphs, put pictures of the premises and the teams, add colors...

8# Helping the candidate to project himself 

By talking about the prospects for development, you share both your ambitions and your long-term vision. What will be the objective of the position in 3 months, 6 months, in 1 year?

9# Make people want to join

To make people want to join your company through concrete advantages helps to recruit. For example, beyond the salary, what will the people who join you learn? How will they be trained? managed? will they evolve? What is the team they will join? What kind of work environment will you offer them?

10# Be transparent to save time

Talk about the things that bother you in the job description (e.g.: a low salary of 28K and the head office located in Bonneuil-sur-Marne). Why should you do this? Transparency is not good for quantity, but it will keep interesting candidates, ready to travel 1 hour to reach you or to accept the salary you propose. In the same way, be transparent about your recruitment method: What does your recruitment process include? How many interviews have you planned?

11# Share your employer brand 

How much importance does the organization place on employee well-being? What are the company's values? What is your governance?  What is your social and environmental impact? How do you measure it? These elements of your employer brand are the basis for building an offer that reflects you. Use them!

🙇🏻 The five-legged sheep still doesn't exist

12# Attention to the daunting list of skills!

When recruiting, prioritize the skills you REALLY need. Separate the must-have skills from the bonuses that can make a difference, so you don't put a potential great candidate on the back burner.

13# Differentiate your expectations in an internship/CDI

In your internship offers, avoid listing a dozen skills that only an experienced person could have. Instead, look for someone who is willing to learn. An internship is above all a learning experience.

How to broadcast an offer? 

Among the recruitment channels to attract new employees, here are 3 on which you can broadcast your offer:

  • On a job platform. At jobs_that_makesense we specialize in posting impactful job offers from organizations that are committed to a mission around the SDGs, with over 400 offers posted every week.  
    👉 To find the ideal candidate, you can write your job offers by creating your recruiter space on jobs.

  • On your own site We also have a wordpress plug-in that you can integrate on your site so that people who visit your "join us" page will come across the ads you posted on jobs_that_makesense.

  • On your social networks. You can also share your new jobs with your community on your social networks. It's part of the new recruitment methods, adapted to candidates' needs.

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