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10 tips to recruit effectively

Recruitment is a key moment in the expansion of an organization. Often neglected for lack of time, this is all the more important as the vacant positions represent a great waste of money. Thus, when recruiting employees, it is important to know how to limit its duration, without compromising the quality and cost of recruitment.

There are tips for recruiting more efficiently, saving time and ensuring you have the best possible chance of successful recruitment. You will find in the rest of this article 10 tips and advice for recruiting effectively and attracting the best candidates!

Establish the needs and ideal candidate

Tip #1 - Define recruitment needs

The first step in recruiting is perhaps the most important. To be able to attract the talents you need, it is first imperative to identify them! To do this, it is therefore necessary to determine the objectives of the position, and the skills and abilities that are required to carry out these objectives. Determining an ideal candidate beforehand will save you a lot of time upstream because it will allow you to identify the technical skills and values ​​essential to your position to be filled. In this way, you already set up a first scoring system in order to be able to evaluate the candidates effectively.

Tip #2 - Write an accurate job description

The job description is the first filter you will put in place to recruit the best talent. It should therefore not be underestimated or rushed because it will save you a lot of time afterwards, if it is of good quality.

The job description must therefore detail the type of employment contract, the mission and its objectives, so that the potential candidate can immerse themselves in their future professional routine. However, it is also important to talk about your organization. Here, your employer brand, and the values ​​of the company will allow the candidate to project themselves into their next work environment. Indeed, according to a study conducted by “Leadership IQ”, the vast majority of employees who are dismissed before 12 months are due to incompatibility both behavioral and with the values ​​of the organization.

Tip #3 - Adapt your ad to the type of candidates you are looking for

We are talking here about the tone of the announcement! Are you looking for a very serious candidate, with conventional standards or rather someone original and creative? Tailoring the tone and the way you present both the position and your organization plays an important role in this selection! At the same time, do not hesitate to add filter questions in the ad in order to attract relevant profiles. These have the ability to both give you more information about a candidate without the help of interviews, and to discourage the less motivated. Adapting your offer also involves highlighting it. Some recruitment platforms are more suitable for a certain target audience, where social networks are very general. For example, in the case of jobs_that_makesense, the recruitment platform is only focused on impact jobs. Thus, an organization that recruits using the platform ensures that the audience reached corresponds to committed profiles.

Tip #4 - Adapt your interviews

You will also have to adapt your job interviews to the type of candidate you are looking for. Rather professional and conventional style in an office? Or in a cafe, park, or bar in order to test a candidate's ability to adapt? It's up to you to decide! In addition, putting the candidates in a situation by confronting them with problems they could face in the position is another good way to learn more about the adaptation and the way of working of the candidates. In this way, you will have a better chance of finding talents corresponding to the profile you are looking for!

Establish a structured recruitment process

Tip #5 - Establish your game plan

Once you have determined your ideal candidate, you need a game plan! Indeed, it is important to have a clear idea of ​​the structure of the recruitment process. What is your deadline for recruiting? how many interviews do you want to do? A practical case? In short, the game plan is important! Having an established application process allows you to be more efficient and directly inform candidates about the duration of the procedure. On the job market, optimizing your recruitment process can make the difference between a job and a lost candidate! It is therefore important not to let interesting candidates wait.

One of the first steps when making a game plan is therefore to determine the internal recruitment deadline, and to find out about the state of the market! Learning more about the market tensions, the existing similar job offers to stand out and the salary expectations of the position will allow you to have a better idea of ​​what to expect.

Tip #6 - Diversify interviews

Once your analysis is done and your ad posted, comes the question of interviews. Interviews are essential in order to meet and get to know the selected candidates better. In particular, this makes it possible to determine whether the candidate is compatible with the rest of the team and to learn a little more about him and his professional background.

The second interview may be of interest to him in several cases, however it should not be a simple repetition of the first meeting. This can take the form of a scenario or a skills test to determine if a potential talent aligns with your operational organization, for example. Otherwise, it can also be set up to meet the whole team.

Tip #7 - Meet the collaborators

Meeting a candidate with the whole team is very beneficial and helps prepare the ground for their potential integration into the organization. In addition, it is all the more important that the whole team validates a new potential coming upstream because this helps to ensure the maintenance of good general understanding. If a candidate pleases the entire team he is about to join, it will be all the more motivated to integrate him and collaborate with him on his arrival, it is a doubly beneficial process.

Diversify recruitment sources

The key to effective recruitment is in complementarity, do not put all your eggs in one basket and opt for different methods of distribution and recruitment!

Tip #8 - Share your listings on social media

It is important to maximize the visibility of your offer, and to do this, to exploit your network. Social networks are a great way to expand your recruitment potential, recruit people and acquire talent! To be able to increase your visibility, you can ask your collaborators to share the announcement on their own networks or to put it in an email signature. Lacking inspiration? The jobs_that_makesense platform offers jobs visibility packs to help you!

Tip #9 - Harness the power of your website

Your website is a real candidate engine. Indeed, it represents your employer brand and allows people to know more about your project. Thus, your traffic can quickly turn into a source of applications. Adding a “join us” tab on your site allows your traffic to take action after learning about the project by boarding your organization directly! In addition, the installation of this kind of tab is far from complicated! Jobs_that_makesense offers a plugin for Wordpress sites to allow you to display all your recruitment offers directly on your site, in just a few clicks!

Tip #10 - Dare to source candidates

The recruitment method by advertisement has its flaws, so using other methods such as recruitment firms or profile sourcing will allow you to recruit the best talent! For example, jobs_that_makesense offers the possibility of coupling recruitment by advertisement and profile sourcing on the same platform in order to help organizations recruit quickly and efficiently. Thus, the platform allows a recruiter to take an active stance and find talent in a database of profiles committed to impact by contacting them directly.

You are now armed with all the tools you need to carry out your recruitment! We hope you find your nugget!

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