Professional retraining guide

I do not have the Bac, what are my options for a professional retraining?

Do you have experience in one or more fields of activity and do you want to change jobs? You don't have the Bac and you wonder how to undertake this change? What support and training is there?

Whether you need help to take stock of your professional situation and your needs, to know the trades, the types of training possible or the systems that exist without going through studies, we are talking to you here about some options. , which may allow you to move forward.

To make a point

Sometimes a break is welcome to start on the right foot. Before undertaking a professionalization in a new field, it can be useful to ask yourself and follow a support for retraining. Whether you are a recent graduate, job seeker or currently employed, there are different systems to help you in your reorientation.

Skills assessments

Accessible to all, the assessments often allow you to recap your professional career and start a process of retraining. An assessment generally lasts from 1 to 3 months and can be carried out face-to-face and/or online depending on the organization providing it. Often group sessions are added to individual support, which allows you to meet people with different profiles from yours but who have the same objective: to change jobs.

👉 To learn more about skills assessments, their progress and their financing, you can read the following article: skills assessments.



The Professional Development Council is a free system, open to all, set up by the State with which an adviser provides you with personalized support to help you in your retraining. You can make face-to-face or online appointments with your advisor and the support ends when you decide.


Employment center

If you are a job seeker, your Pôle Emploi adviser can also help you with your retraining and support you in making your professional project a reality. Do not hesitate to make an appointment on your personal online space to find out more.


Pass an equivalent of the Bac to resume studies


If you want to go back to school, you can take a Diploma of Access to University Studies (DAEU), an equivalent of the Baccalaureate. This training is suitable for working professionals with the possibility of taking evening and distance courses. Once obtained, you can pursue higher education in the field that interests you.

Diploma courses without the Bac

The cap

It is not necessary to have the Bac to join a Certificate of Professional Aptitude (CAP). From the age of 16, you can complete your initial training by specializing in the professional sector of your choice. This 2-year course is also accessible to anyone wishing to change paths.

capacity in law

If you are interested in legal, legal or notarial professions, the legal capacity allows non-bachelor's graduates, aged 17 and over, to train in 2 years to acquire skills in these fields, at a university or remotely. . In general, lessons take place in the evening and/or on Saturday morning.

The capacity in law allows access to professions such as: legal assistant of lawyer, clerk of bailiff, collaborator of notary...


Competitive diplomas

Some diplomas, accessible by competitive examination, are open to everyone, even to people who do not have the baccalaureate. This is the case in the medico-social fields, animation and sport.


Specialized schools without the Bac

If you wish to resume studies and acquire knowledge in a new profession, you can follow continuing education in certain schools, which do not require the Bac, such as: schools of tourism, art, cooking, cosmetics, d esthetics, or certain business schools. The American Business School of Paris, HEC or IDRAC Business School, for example, offers training for people who do not have the Baccalaureate.

Often, the cost of these schools is significant, and it can be interesting to follow a work-study course to finance your training.

Work-study training

The apprenticeship contract

If you are between 16 and 29, you can do a work-study program by working in a company and taking courses in a continuing education organization. In some cases, the alternation can be carried out until the age of 30.

The professionalization contract

The professionalization contract is a work-study contract that can be concluded with all types of private employer, except individual employers and employers in the public sector.

For who ?

  • Young people aged 16 to 25 years old (26 years less a day).
  • Job seekers at least 26 years old
  • Beneficiaries of RSA, ASS, AAH or CUI

Choose vocational training in the field of ecological and social transition

For a reorientation in the field of ecology and/or social and solidarity economy, there are organizations offering training that does not require a Baccalaureate. Here are some trainings present on jobs_that_makesense:

Abiosol: To launch an agroecology project

Abiosol offers training in agroecology, which can be financed thanks to the CPF.

If you want to study the opportunity of a professional retraining in agriculture, you can opt for the Demain training.

If you already have a concrete project in mind, there is also a program to help you set up in organic farming.

👉 Find out more here


INCO ACADEMY: To discover the professions of the ecological transition

To train in a profession focused on ecology, with the Get Into Green training, you have 5 weeks to discover the fields of ecological transition, develop new skills necessary in this sector and structure a project of your own.

Through field visits, you will be able to meet the actors of the ecological transition, understand their profession, their skills and what their training path has been to get here.

The advantage of this training is that it is free and that it is for everyone! No prerequisites to follow. It takes place online and face-to-face in Paris or Lyon.

👉 Find out more here



If you wish to acquire skills in crafts, repair, green trades or the circular economy and you prefer practice to theory, Make ICI offers professional training for all those who wish to retrain or undertake in one of these areas. Via an immersion in one of its collaborative factories, in Marseille, Montreuil, Lille, Nantes or in Puy en Velay, you will be able to test yourself on professions such as: valuer of building materials,, interior designer , cycle mechanic…

👉 Find out more here


To retrain without resuming training

Professions accessible without a diploma

There are professions that recruit without diplomas. Here are a few :

  • Agent for cleanliness or maintenance of green spaces
  • Home help
  • Kindergarten assistant
  • Bartender
  • Taxi driver
  • Sports trainer
  • Construction worker
  • Collective catering employee
  • Touristic guide
  • Hostess
  • Flight attendant
  • Gardener


Professional titles

While diplomas make it possible to acquire a recognized level after training, professional titles make it possible to obtain a recognized level in the professional field and do not require any special training.

Thanks to the Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) system, if you have experience in a field, you can, for example, validate part of a diploma or all of it (Bac pro, DUT, BTS, etc.) and therefore obtain the validation of a professional title. Find the certifications recognized by the state on the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP)

Choosing a civic service volunteering

If you are between 16 and 25 years old and up to 30 years old in the event of a disability, whatever your level of qualification, you can opt for a civic service. It allows you to commit to a 6-month mission with an association, a local authority or a private company.

Create your business

Starting a business does not require a high school diploma. On the other hand, the development of skills in the creation and management of a business will be useful for you to get off to a good start.

To train you in business creation

These 3 structures offer 100% free and accessible training for all business creators:

  • Pôle Emploi: if you are a job seeker, the organization offers training around the creation and takeover of a business
  • The CCI: the chamber of commerce and industry of your city
  • Adie: this association provides personalized assistance to create your business and finance it.


If you want to start your impact business

Do you have the idea? Want to test your project? Build your business model? Make-sense accompanies you through Sprints, programs to help you take the next step. There are currently 3:

  • The Sprint to formalize your idea and understand your target is free
  • The other 2, to experiment with your project or build your business model, are chargeable and can be financed with your CPF. If you have been a beneficiary of the RSA or unemployed for more than 1 year, you are eligible for it at a solidarity rate.

👉 To learn more about the different Sprints it's here 

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