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The letter of resignation for professional retraining

Are you planning to embark on a professional retraining? To do this you must go through the inevitable step of resignation. Know that there is no legal procedure imposed by the labor code to file your resignation with your company. However, the most common way to proceed remains the famous letter of resignation. I explain everything to you to write a good resignation letter, the last step before embarking on a new professional activity with more meaning.

Tips for writing your resignation letter well

What is a resignation letter?

The resignation letter is a formal document that one writes when one wishes to leave his company. By this writing, the worker informs his employer of his desire to terminate his employment contract as well as the possible reasons for his departure. However, there is no obligation on this last point. It's up to you to choose if you want to present your next professional retraining project or if you prefer to leave the company without further details.

Unlike dismissal, resignation is not initiated by the employer. This is a unilateral decision that can be taken by the resigning employee for various reasons when contractual termination is not possible.

What information should I include in my resignation letter?

If you choose to notify your employer in writing, there are several key pieces of information that should appear in your resignation letter for retraining:

  • Your first and last name
  • The date of sending the letter of request
  • The name of the company concerned by your departure
  • The title of the position you are leaving
  • The date you were hired by the company
  • The period of notice set by the collective agreement
  • The effective date of your departure.

The will to resign must be expressed clearly and unequivocally. No need to highlight your best prose or write several pages. For a resignation letter, we prefer to remain concise, even if it means going into the subject in more depth during a face-to-face discussion with your employer.

Under the law, an employer cannot in any case refuse the resignation of an employee. On the other hand, the person who resigns from his position must undertake not to harm the employer in any way.

Who should I send my resignation letter to?

The letter of resignation from a CDI or any other employment contract (CDD, CDI) must be sent directly to the employer or, failing that, to your direct superior with a copy of the letter to human resources.

It may be wise to notify your manager orally before sending him the letter of resignation so that he does not fall from the clouds.

How do I submit my resignation letter?

To cover your back and avoid any problems or confusion, rather than hand delivery, we advise you to send your letter of resignation by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

In this way, you will have written proof that the document has indeed reached your superiors and the date of receipt can be taken as proof to calculate the day of your departure.

When should I send my resignation letter?

There is no perfect time to send your resignation letter. It depends on each person and the rest of their professional adventure.

As part of a professional retraining, some will prefer to resign from the start to devote themselves fully to their new project (skills assessment, training, job search, etc.). Others, on the contrary, will wait for all the signals to be green for their new professional career before deciding to inform their company of their imminent departure.

However, do not forget that there is a deadline to respect before leaving your position. Receiving your resignation letter does not mean that you can quit your job overnight (job abandonment). You will of course have to respect your notice.

Resignation letter templates

First sample resignation letter

Firstname name


City Postal Code

Name of employer

Company address

Postcode Municipality

Subject: Resignation


By this letter, I inform you of my decision to resign from my duties as (Job title) exercised since (date of hiring) within (Company name).

I have read the terms (of the employment contract / of the collective agreement / of the branch agreement) which provide for a notice period of (duration of the notice period in weeks or months).

On my last day of work (exact date) within the company, I will ask you to kindly give me a receipt for the settlement of any account, as well as my work certificate and a Pôle Emploi certificate.

Please accept Madam / Sir, the expression of my best regards.

(Municipality), on (date of writing of the letter)


First name Surname of the sender

Second example of resignation letter

Firstname name


City Postal Code

Name of employer

Place date

Subject: Resignation from a permanent position due to professional retraining


I hereby inform you of my intention to leave the position of (name of position) which I have held in the company (name of company) since (start date of the contract).

I would like to change my professional life and move towards a new job in (name of profession or branch of activity), more in line with my current needs and aspirations.

As agreed in my employment contract (or branch agreement, or convention), I will remain in post until the end of my notice period of (duration of notice) months. The effective end of my contract is therefore fixed at (date of departure from the company).

I would therefore be grateful if you could give me my work certificate, a Pôle Emploi certificate and a receipt for the settlement of all accounts by this date.

Please accept, Madam, Sir my sincere greetings.


At any time in their career, a person has the right to choose their future and to make major changes such as professional retraining. Before leaving your job for good to embark on a new job, you will have to follow a few key steps, including writing and sending a letter of resignation in order to break the contract that binds you to our current employer. Now that you know how to proceed and what information to include in your resignation letter, you have all the cards in hand to devote yourself to your new professional activity!

"There is only one success: to be able to live as one wishes" - Christopher Morley

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